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Cryptonym: ESLIME-1

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A Central American Communist, recruited during 1965.
Is he Nicaraguan - as his digraph would suggest? Or is he the Dominican Emilio Cordero? Cordero was setting up an interview with someone whose name was something like Weis. Is that ESLIME-1?


"Throughout the reporting period (Feb-April 1965), the LIENTRAP mobile photographic unit was targeted extensively against the leaders and installations of the Partido Comunista Mexicano, the Partido Popular Socialista, and other exile or visiting communist leaders. In mid-April 1965, the LIENTRAP unit provided an up-to-date photograph of ESLIME-1 which was passed to a visiting (CIA) staffer for his use in the recruitment attempt of ESLIME-1. Not only did this photograph serve as a means of identifying the target for the recruiter, but also served as bona fides for the recruiter during the successful recruitment of this communist/exile guerrilla..."

104-10221-10004: GALAN, VICTOR RICO, 201-336474

6/7/65 dispatch from Chief of Station, Mexico City to Chief/WH: ESLIME-1 is described as recently recruited and untested. He met with Victor Rico Galan during August 1964 in Guatemala. He was assigned to help bring Galan to Yon Sosa. "Galan wanted to interview ESLIME-1 about his arrest, torture by the police, and his expulsion from Guatemala. Victor Manuel Guteirrez told ESLIME-1 to grant the interview and give Galan all the details he needed." At p. 162: Handwritten note: "Per LIENVOY Sun Emilio Cordero Pro-Castro Dominican Commie living Mexico trying to arrange interview for (Weis)?"

Bill Simpich

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