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Digraph for operations and assets in Guatemala.
Important cryptonyms relating to Guatemala include ESLARD-1 (Juan Jose Arevalo Bermejo), and ESVEHICLE-1 (General Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes, president of Guatemala from 1958 to March 1963).


01/13/61: Cable from Guatemala City to BELL: RE WAVE 2825 (IN 1403)* "FYI: Alexander Rourke informs ESOLEO-1 that Frank Fiorini (Handwritten note: Calls himself 'Diaz Lanz' military advisor') and Dr. Orlando Bosch of Miami represent man named (Handwritten: Comandante) Diego in Cuba. Fiorini and Bosch are reported recruiting and equipping force in Florida area for assault on Cuba 18 Jan. This organization reported to receive financial and other aid from an organization known as the Anti-Communist International Association of New York City. C/S Comment: *Alex Rourke, free-lance newsman from NYC had been in Miami past several days consulting with Frank Fiorini among others."

104-10175-10013: CABLE: ON 4 OCT AFRAID-5 REPORTED

10/05/61: Cable from Guatemala to Director: "1. On 4 Oct ESAFRAID-5 reported that one June Cobb, American whom E-5 met in Cuba in 1960, is spending few days GUAT gathering data to write article on Juan Jose Arevalo. While E-5 was in Cuba, Cobb was working as translator in Fidel Castro office. She later went New York with Castro when he attended UN session and did not return Cuba. 2. Cobb now living Mexico where she has good contacts with commies, including LINLUCK. 3. Cobb translated Arevalo book Fabula del Tiburon y la Sardina. 4. We know nothing further re Cobb but feel MEXI might be interested keeping eye on her in view her relationship LINLUCK. Her apparent journalism connection and possibility she commie or sympathizer. 5. Incidentally E-5 thought she possibly ODYOKE (U.S. Government) agent."

104-10221-10004: GALAN, VICTOR RICO, 201-336474

02/26/65: Cable from Guatemala City to Director and Mexico City: REF DIR: 87826: "1. ESLOGIC-1 efforts to surface Rico Galan tape had been frustrated by MINGOV who took position GUAT-MEXI relations could be damaged. However, on 25 Feb. during meeting of security chiefs with Peralta, ESLOGIC-1 again raised question and received permission from Peralta to surface story through Rafael Escobar Arguello, Secretary of Information of GOC. Story should appear in next few days. 2. Station reasonably certain GUAT Govt would be happy accept and prosecute Rico Galan but we do not consider this satisfactory solution since experience shows that in such cases prisoner is usually dropped in neighboring country after short detention. We are exploring possibilities, however, and will offer definitive comments in a few days."

104-10273-10137: MEMO: HEMMING, GERALD PATRICK, SF#429 229

06/08/76: Cable to Director: Slugline ESDEW ESMICA: "1. ESMICA-68 (E-68) passed Station written report and made verbal report in detail, all with knowledge of President Laugerud, on Ref A case and results. According report and E-68, National Liberation Movement (MLN) was involved with Jorge Antonio 'Cokie' Zimeri Safie, who has been living Miami since August 75, in plot to assassinate Laugerud. Plot was to have been carried out 15 September 75 but Zimeri was victim of attack on his life late August and as result went to Miami for medical treatment. Report and E-68 claim that two Americans, brothers Robert and Gerald Patrick Hemming (no Station traces), were also involved with Zimeri in plot and that they assisted him in acquiring arms, among other things, which flown to Guatemala illegally in small aircraft..." - - - Page 3: ..."4. For (REDACTION) One source of info on Zimeri case may well have been ESDEW-1. COS saw latter by accident 8 June. ESDEW-1 said that he had been providing info to GOG on Zimeri for past six months or so and added that two Americans involved with Zimeri, one of whom runs a guard service in Miami. He did not mention names but described one as about six feet four inches and weighing about 230 pounds. ESDEW-1 plans return Miami within two weeks since in over two years here he has been unable to find job with sufficient salary permit him live comfortably..."

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