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Cryptonym: ERYTHROID-1

Unknown identity. Approved sending ERYTHROID-3 in investigating Gilberto Alvarado's claim that Oswald threatened to kill JFK while in Mexico City. Sought clearance for Rafael Garcia Bongo, Sr. to install FM radio equipment for the ERYTHROID program.


11/25/63 memo from RSO (regional security officer) A.C. Plambeck: (Gilberto Alvarado) claims that on the 18th of Sept he was in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City and he saw Oswald receive $6500. Oswald was speaking with a Negro, about 29 years of age, who had a scar on his jaw, reddish hair which is probably tinted...Oswald was speaking of eliminating a person...when Oswald entered he was affectionately greeted by a female employee of the Cuban embassy who has blue eyes and lives at Calle Juarez 407. (Editor's note: This is the address of Cuban Embassy employee Luisa Calderon). See p. 17: "MEXI 7069...Station officer, (probably Barker/Robert Shaw) with Emb Security Officer interviewed (Alvarado) with the following results):...Alvarado admitted he really on penetration mission for Nicaragua Secret Service, reports to Major Roger Perez. See p. 28: "MANA 4613...Station requested ERYTHROID cooperation Mexi through Major Jerez and if possible sending ERYTHROID-3 Mexi. ERYTHROID-1 said Alvarado in Mexi without ERYTHROID authority and passed off suggestion use Jerez but agreed immediately send ERYTHROID-3."


"Station files show ERYTHROID-1 (C-72970) requested traces 16 December 64 on Rafael Garcia born 4 February 1932, Habana, Cuba. Was engineer employed by Motorola, being cleared for installation FM radio equipment for ERYTHROID. No other traces Garcia. 2/10/69 cable to Director, slugline IUSTEER.

124-10205-10233: No Title

"On January 8, 1968, MM T-13 advised that the father of Rafael Garcia Bango was a well-known engineer, and head of the Cuban Anti-Communist League in Cuba prior to the Castro revolution."

124-10204-10216: [No Title]

"On November 26, 1966, TP T-3 advised that Trafficante was apparently acquainted with one Rafael Garcia Bango, Mexico No. 9, Apartamentos Mexico, Madrid, Espana...Rafael Garcia Bango was known as Rafael Bonifacio Celestino Anatolio Garcia y Valdez Bango...This individual was born July 9, 1894 in Havana, Cuba, a civilian engineer and architect in Cuba, and was active in Cuban exile professional organizations in Miami, Florida."

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics III, V. THE KENNEDY-CIA DIVERGENCE OVER CUBA: https://www.history-matters.com/pds/DP3_Chapter5.htm

"(Rolando Cubela) knew Santo Trafficante, who had put the CIA in touch with Orta; and had worked with Trafficante’s atttorney, Rafael Garcia-Bango Dirube, to secure Trafficante’s release from prison in Cuba."

Bill Simpich

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