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Cryptonym: EMFENCE-2

Unknown identity. A cable in July 1970 stated that EMFENCE-2 was formerly AMBLOW-1.
A cable on 27 November 1963, stated that AMBLOW-1 was pleased with the results of his Miami visit, and was now in contact with top officials of AREC. AMBLOW-1 was put in contact with AMGABE-1, and met the JMWAVE Case Officer, who used the name "Charles Kaprall." AMBLOW-1 was apparently returning to Santo Domingo on 28 November, 1963. In addition, a cable in May 1964, referred to a meeting between Carlos Prio Socarras and AMBLOW-1 during that month.


11/27/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline DYVOUR JMPALM: "1. Station CO met AMBLOW-1 25 Nov, using name Charles Kaprall, in order offer assistance and review his visit. FYI he was put in contact AMGABE-1 on arrival and activities monitored by several other Station assets. 2. AMBLOW-1 stated plesed results Miami visit and now in contact top officials AREC. Requested no assistance. Returning SDOM 28 Nov. C/S Comment: *Ref RYBAT."


05/27/64, Dispatch from COS, Santo Domingo to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: COS, JMWAVE): "1. On 24 May 1964, AMBLOW-1 said a few days earlier he had talked with former President of Cuba, Carlos Prio Socarras, who was visiting the Dominican Republic, and that Prio had told him: a) That he (Prio) was receiving no help of any kind from U.S. Government, but that some confiscated property (not clearly specified but perhaps a large boat and other property) had been returned to him recently; b) U.S. Government/CIA was not providing Manolo Ray money, but was providing him with a good deal of equipment. c) U.S. Government/CIA was providing AMBIDDY-1's group with a lot of money and equipment: CIA would not control AMBIDDY-1, but did have a good deal of control over a number of AMBIDDY-1's leaders; that AMBIDDY-1 was not aware of the plans for the raid which was carried out about 10 May, and was extremely angry when he (unintelligible-extremely faint print)..."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

07/29/70, Cable: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCHALK: REFS A. (REDACTION) 8946 (IN 045580) B. WH/Miami 8435 (IN 131863). "1. EMFENCE-2 (IDENTITY), formerly was AMBLOW-1. Previous connections with (REDACTION) not known, although he did attend March 1970 meeting Cuban exiles reported Ref A at which (REDACTION) spoke. 2. File 201-044791. GP-1."

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