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Cryptonym: EC

Digraph for operations and assets in Ecuador.


02/19/62: Cable from Quito to Director: REF DIR 42255 (OUT 52143)* "1. ECSIGIL-1 reports intense revolutionary planning-organization by Rafael Echeverria Flores, QUIT Communist leader following latter's return from Cuba mid-February (see QUIT 4360) (IN 29758). Echeverria said Cubans ready help PCE prepare for insurrection Ecuador. Echeverria intimated arms available from Cuba. (Intel report follows). 2. Atahualpa Basante, commie military expert has just given 10 day sabotage-guerilla warfare training course Guayaquil using Cuban material. Similar courses scheduled other provincial capitals. (Intel report follows). 3. Ivan Alferyev, suspect his posing as Pravada correspondent, in close contact Cuban diplomats and local Communist leaders during recent visit QUIT (Handwritten note: Jeanette showed me). Activities included casing ODACID (U.S. State Department) building QUIT, in company Cuban diplomat. ECACTOR reported his residence cased by persons in Cuban Embassy vehicle during same period. 4. 5 Chinese Communists posing as journalists presently in Quito in close contact commie, labor and campesino leaders. GAYA press reported they received by minister education. Chinese refused give local press purpose visit. 5. All other evidence previously reported including clear cut mail intercept evidence Cuban training Ecuadoreans in sabotage, guerilla warfare etc. C/S Comment: *HQs reported current information available on Sino-Soviet Bloc subversive efforts and successes in Latin America."


01/12/65: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Subject: TYPIC/AMSPELL/Operational/AMSPELL Progress Report - December 1964: Page 2: ..."5...b. AMSPELL requested that AMBARB-58 be sent to Ecuador to replace AMBARB-28 who was resigning. (WAVE 5842 dated 8 December 1964). The Quito station replied that AMBARB-28 functions had been taken over by ECPLY-2, and that AMBARB-58's services were not required (QUIT 6805 dated 11 December 1964)..."

104-10063-10339: JORGE SALAZAR

08/11/71: Cable: Slugline RYBAT BIDRAGON TYPIC MHFLUFF: REF: DIRECTOR 168701: "1. In attempting establish identity of Jorge Salazar we determined that head of our unilateral investigative team, ECBREW-1, is acquaintance of sister-in-law of Jorge Salazar Sion (who per (REDACTION) 15291, possibly identifiable with Subject). In innocuous conversation with sister-in-law ECBREW-1 told that Jorge Salazar Zion has been student in economics of University of Munich since at least 1968 and that he presently professor at University of Munich. ECBREW-1 told that Salazar, who married to West German, now on tour of Latin America with group from University of Munich and expected arrive Quito around 15 August to visit family. Salazar's brother, Carlos Salazar Sion, according ECBREW-1, is member of extreme rightist organization Nationalist Revolutionary Action of Ecuador (ARNE). 2. We have old (1956) photo of Jorge Salazar Sion which we pouching (REDACTION) as possible assistance in identifying contact of BIDRAGON-16. 3. Believe that it psosible that ECBONE-16 might know Salazar and be able contact him. On other hand, we might also arrange for arrest and interrogation of Salazar after arrival (REDACTION) if (REDACTION) believes this not endangering BIDRAGON-16. Request your comments. 4. Also wish point out that considering involvement of Ernst Mandel (201-838895), this may have MHFLUFF connections. 5. File: 4-6-83/3. GP-1."


08/13/71: Cable to Director: Slugline RYBAT BIDRAGON: "1. Appreciate Salazar traces refs and looking forward receiving Quito photos to show BIDRAGON-16. When ECBONE-16 was here he was asked if he knew a 'Jorge Salazar' in Germany, and he said he only knew one in Quito. Since time was short did not prolong discussion about Salazar with ECBONE-16. Suggest Salazar known to ECBONE-16 might be that one listed in Ref B as appearing in liaison report as member PSRE Quito 1967. 2. Since identity of Jorge Salazar who visited here has not been established, (though likely he is identical with Salazar Sion, or Salazar Delgado of Ref C), believe arrest at this time not advisable. Prefer watch Salazar Sion as much as possible and unilaterally try to establish more about his possible connections with Cubans, if he recently was in Buenos Aires, if ECBONE-16 knows him and can provide more info, etc. Would appreicate any info Quito can develop on Salazar Sion or others with similar name. 3. File: 4-6-68/3. GP-1."

Gavin McDonald

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