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Cryptonym: DTGODOWN

Projected Mexican intellectual journal.
Looking for 11/7/63 Memo - HMMW-12050: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=27328&relPageId=12&search=%22200-124%22


10/28/63, from Win Scott to Chief KUWOLF, and DTDORIC/QKOPERA/DTGODOWN slugline: "From 21-25 October Keith J. Bastear and Geoffrey T. Huyette met with Mexico Station officers and Edward G. Tichborn to discuss the further development of the DTGODOWN program. The major focus was on the creation of a Mexican intellectual journal." They were seeking the "target core for the DTGODOWN program. They are the center of the advanced group of intellectual thought in Mexico" GPBEFIT is a central figure in this plan. It is thought that he could bring Saul Bellow into the project, and would be useful in tending Robert Lowell. "It was agreed by all save Huyette that small groups of approximately two intellectuals without wives would be lost. Huyette, however, has evidently committed himself to en masse trip by the Trillings, Lowells, Podheretz and the Epsteins.


Adrian B. Maslott post to Mexico City station, 10/31/63: "KUWOLF is very pleased with the successful talks concerning QKOPERA programming held in Mexico City by HQs, Station officers and HUYETTE and TICHBORN...HUYETTE says that GPBEFIT is working with Iden A to ease Ramon Xirau out of Iden B. She wants to replace Xirau with someone like Juan Rulfe, she feels Xirau has so many commitments that he is not able to devote sufficient time to Iden B...FYI, GPBEFIT has been commissioned by Iden C to do a study on "Two Revolutions" (Cuba and Algeria) and plans a trip to Cuba and Algeria in January and February. We will discuss this and other problems concerning GPBEFIT when QKOPERA staff agent WINTERROWD visits HQs early in November." GPBEFIT has been commissioned to do a study of "Two Revolutions" (Cuba and Algeria) and plans a trip to these countries in January and February.

Reel 46, Folder F: MEXI dispatches

At p. 54, the redacted version of the above document can be seen and placed in context: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55296&search=Hmmw#relPageId=54&tab=page

Bill Simpich

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