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Cryptonym: DEVIGIL

Probably a Immigration or Customs Center in Genoa, Italy. However, it may just refer to Immigration or Customs Centers in general.
It appears there were CIA assets attached to DEVIGIL, such as DEVIGIL-27 (mentioned in a December 1964 CIA dispatch from the Chief of Station, Rome).

104-10422-10119: CABLE: TRACES DEVIGIL

11/29/63, Cable from Rome to Director: Slugline RYBAT KEYWAY: "REF A ROME 1233 (IN 68802**) B DIR 85133*** 1. No DEVIGIL traces Subject refs. 2. Per para 3 Ref B all LAPOGO take that date being re-screened. Will advise results ASAP. Prior screening transcripts reflects nothing. No index. C/S Comment: *Dissemination applicable to GPFLOOR cables. **Reported no traces on Lee Oswald. ***Requested traces."


05/12/64, Cable from Director to Rome: Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN DEVISTA: "1. AMMUG recent defector from DGI (Cuban External Intelligence Service) has tentatively identified David Enriques who contacted DEVISTA inside as Saul Gonzales Denis. About 28 years of age, six feet, wears sun glasses at all times but not for reading. Address Calle 15, No. 1420 Apartment #3 Vedado. 2. According AMMUG, Gonzales went to ROme via Paris in March 1964 and returned first April. G. Is involved illegal ops for DGI. 3. Can Rome trace travel; obtain photo; check DEVISTA whether contacted by Enriques again or recognizes photo. No objection ask DEVIGIL for travel and photo..."


11/03/64, Dispatch from COS, Rome to Chief, WE: Page 2: ..."7. We have from DEVIGIL a report dated 23 October 1964 which merely states that AMWHIP/1 makes frequent trips between Rome and Geneva for unknown reasons and that he is often accompanied by AMWHIP/2. As Headquarters knows, we have surfaced AMWHIP/1 to DEVIGIL: and in accordance with the permission granted in OIRW-22967, 7 August 1961, we will also surface AMWHIP/2, but only to DEVIGIL-23 and only verbally. We shall not communicate anything about (unintelligible) of either outside Italy and shall relay information about any action in Italy only if DEVIGIL has a need to know."


12/14/64, Dispatch from COS, Rome to Chief, WE: "1. A report from the DEVIGIL Center in Genoa (No. 14083 of 30 November 1964) states that AMWHIP/1 and Identity A (see separate cover attachment) entered Italy on 26 November 1964 at Ponte S. Luigi (Imperia). AMWHIP/1 had a passport which is listed in the separate cover attachment as Identity B. 2. Another report from the DEVIGIL Center in Genoa (No. 14204 of 3 December 1964) states that from the afternoon of 26 November 1964 until the following morning AMWHIP/1 and Identity A shared a room at the 'Parigi' Hotel in San Remo. They were travelling in a French automobile bearing Parisian license plates 1968 QD 75. They left Italy on the afternoon of 27 November at Ponte S. Luigi. 3. An unnumbered report of 3 December 1964 from DEVIGIL headquarters states that on 28 November 1964 AMWHIP/1 and Identity A stayed at the 'Bernini-Bristol' Hotel in Rome. On 30 November AMWHIP/1 left Rome for an unknown destination. Identity A left the same day from Flumicino Airport aboard Air France flight 633, which departed at 0950 hours for Paris. 4. During a meeting of 11 December 1964 with DEVIGIL/27 Bunce mentioned the presence of AMWHIP/1 in Italy in such a way as to suggest that we had known about it all along but that it was merely a pleasure trip. In point of fact, however, AMWHIP/1 did not get in touch with Smithham or Bunce during his 28 to 30 November stay in Rome."

Gavin McDonald

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