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Cryptonym: DAINOLD

Desmond FitzGerald, chief of Special Affairs Section (SAS) during 1963, the successor group to Bill Harvey's Task Force W.

124-90139-10146: No Title

"Fitzgerald of CIA strongly advocated prosecution of 'undesirables', and specifically named Gutierrez Menoyo who has been involved in raids in the past. Colonel Rolfe immediately spoke us and said that this individual is a registered Army source." In this vein, it should be added that on 6/27/63 Vincent Nasca of the FBI mentioned Gutierrez Menoyo as an Army source who had burned Santos Trafficante on unpaid arms and equipment and recommended that Gutierrez Menoyo be tipped off that Trafficante is trying to murder him.

Brian Latell, Castro's Secrets, p. 194

"Great minds think alike...present plan is for DAINOLD (FitzGerald's pseudonym) to meet with AMLASH 29 October."

104-10215-10364: MEMORANDUM: AMLASH/1

11/13/63 memo, SAS/EOB Nestor Sanchez to Director: "Dainold using alias James Clark was introduced to AMLASH/1 as an emissary from the policy level of the United States government. Dainold informed AMLASH/1 that the United States is prepared to render all necessary assistance to any anti-communist Cuban group which succeeds in neutralizing the present Cuban leadership and assumes sufficient control to invite the United States to render the assistance it is prepared to give."


2/10/64, Memorandum for the Record by C/SAS/MOB/FI Paul Maggio, "AMLEO-3 defected on 6 December 1962...In July 63 on a visit to Washington, DC, to obtain a French visa, AMLEO-3 requested and DAINOLD met with him to discuss his case, AMLEO-3 being particularly concerned with the fate of his family during the time. The upshot of the meeting was that DAINOLD told AMLEO-3 that we would go all out and try to get his wife, children and sister into asylum (Mexican Embassy in Cuba)...The most glaring factor in this endeavor was whether AMLEO-3's family actually wanted asylum - or were the Cubans playing a game with us using AMLEO-3's wife as a pigeon."

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