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Cryptonym: CIWOOD

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SIFA Armed Forces Intelligence Service, the intelligence agency of the Argentine air force.
A handwritten note in a file on Luis Clemente Posada stated that CIWOOD was the SIFA Armed Forces Intel Service.

104-10220-10128: LUIS CLEMENTE POSADA.

Undated: Handwritten CIA document: Titled: CIFLUID Project: "CIWOOD - CIGLASS/2: SIFA Armed Forces Intel Service. CIRASH - CIRASH/17: DISIP Directorate of Inspection and Prevention. CIFENCE - CIFENCE/1: SLD, Central Documentation Service..." (Other handwritten note at bottom of page).


03/15/65: Memo from Herschel F. Peak, C/WH/3 to Chief, CC/OS/TR: Subject: Cuban Briefing for CIWOOD trainees: "1. Mr. Hal Swenson, WH/C/SP will give a briefing to the CIWOOD trainees on the morning of 14 April on the Cuban Intelligence service and its activities in Latin America. He will also discuss the Cuban training of Latin Americans to participate in guerrilla activities. 2. It will be appreciated if the CIWOOD instrcutor calls Mr. Swenson a few days prior to inform him of the location of the training site and any other conditions that might apply. Mr. Swenson will use an alias for the briefing."

104-10220-10128: LUIS CLEMENTE POSADA.

10/22/65: Cable from Caracas to WH/Miami (Info: Director, Withheld): "1. CIWOOD intelligence section chief has asked RVROCK to ascertain if there is an arrest order on James Hart in Miami and, if so, for what reason. On questioning, he advised Hart left for Miami from Maturin night of 21 October. He advising CIWOOD we have no information arrest order since Hart apparently has broken no U.S. laws but, due his known involvement in January (REDACTION) incident, possible FBI or Customs may wish question him in Miami. Request WH/Miami ascertain if arrest order does in fact exist or if any government agency plans to interview. 2. CIWOOD query and knowledge Hart's activities strongly indicates he cooperating with CIWOOD. Ref information indicates he being investigated by CIVISTA-5 group who has sent AMCLEVE-15 (Luis Posada Carriles) to Miami to investigate activities of (REDACTION). Coordination between (REDACTION) services being what it is, situation like this is entirely possible. 3. Request priority reply. 4. File: Defer."


01/01/66: Memo from Desmond FitzGerald, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to Director of Training (Attention: Chief, Covert Training/OS/TR): Subject: Covert Training for member of CIWOOD organization: Reference: Proposed Training Curriculum for CIWOOD Trainees From CC/OS/TW: "1. It is requested that covert training be given to the CIWOOD trainees listed below for the period of 8 March - 30 April 1965. This will be the second group of CIWOOD trainees under this program which was initiated by the (REDACTION) Desk of Branch Three of WH Division through Mr. (REDACTION) Chief, Covert Training, in September 1964. The first group was given an 8 weeks covert course ending on 26 February 1965. The trainees will be in Washington under the notional cover of 'participating in military training courses' or possibly a 'purchasing mission' for their Government. As such, they will not be formal (REDACTION) visitors and will not be expected to enter Headquarters Buildings, except for one day training in the R & S Building, or to meet Agency officials. 2. Project CIWOOD is a Caracas Station (REDACTION) activity which has as the objective the establishment of a (REDACTION) with the (REDACTION) to permit CIA improve the efficiency and capabilities of (REDACTION). Jacob B. Hurschwood, a Staff Agent under non-official cover in (REDACTION) is providing advice and guidance (REDACTION) and is obtaining intelligence information in return. It is believed that covert training can help improve the efficiency and internal security (REDACTION) which will enable this organization to more effectively counter/contain the extremist guerrilla band terrorist activity fomented by the Communist Party of Venezuela with aid and encouragement from Cuba..." (CONTINUED BELOW).


01/01/66: Memo from Desmond FitzGerald, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to Director of Training (Attention: Chief, Covert Training/OS/TR): Subject: Covert Training for member of CIWOOD organization: Page 2: ..."3. The responsible desk operations officer for this course will be Mr. (REDACTION) who will be known to the trainees as 'Bill Cabal', the same identity he used with the first group. An Agency serviced telephone number, 638-3120 has been arranged and will be given to the trainees as a number where 'Bill Cabal' can be reached in an emergency. This number is serviced 24 hours a day and Mr. (REDACTION) is immediately notified to call the persons who asked for him at that number. Mr. (REDACTION) is located in room 3B2613 of Headquarters Building, extension 4521..." - - - Page 5: ..."It is assumed that the trainees are aware of the Agency affiliation of Hurschwood and that the training will be conducted by CIA. The Director of (REDACTION) is aware of Hurschwood's CIA association and was also received by the DCI on 21 July 1964 during a visit to the U.S." Paragraph 6 discusses training requirements: Training to be held in a safehouse, conducted in Spanish, one-day indoctrination in Seals and Flaps and Audio Surveillance. One-day orientation course in Counter Insurgency, and an extensive two-week course in Flaps and Seals for Mayor (REDACTION) at a TSD safehouse. - - - Page 6: Paragraph 8 discussed counter insurgency. One passage reads: "It is proposed that Mr. (REDACTION) who would use the alias of 'Bill Cabal' - take the trainees to the office of (REDACTION) and that (REDACTION) be introduced as a consultant of CIA who is very knowledgeable of counterinsurgency problems. (REDACTION) as a member of the International Police Services Academy..." - - - Page 7: ..."Through Mr. (REDACTION) Chief of the Ground Branch of SOD, and Mr. Wall (note: possibly Robert Wall), of the same branch..." Hurschwood and a Mr. Luria also mentioned on this page.

104-10220-10128: LUIS CLEMENTE POSADA.

09/27/67: Cable from Director to Caracas, JMWAVE: REF: CARACAS 7291 (IN 59861): Page 3: ..."3. It may be necessary for station to work with Fernandez if he appointed Chief, DIGEPOL, but feel that sensitive ops should continue be involved with CIWOODS or unilaterally. It is true that Fernandez cooperated with station during his previous tour and appeared not be anti-WOFACT but his general greediness and lack of scruples make him an unsavory partner to deal with at that level... WH Comment: *COS, Minit and Erasto Fernandez Betancourt (CIRASH-4), for DC/Digepol met to discuss collaboration between Station and Digepol. Not clear if Fernandez to be new Chief. While F has bad rep not clear why. Fernandez was cooperative with Station previous time no clear indications he enriched himself by accepting bribes from left. Station would work slowly until full assessment acquired. Asked WAVE to work closely with AMCLEVE-15 (Luis Posada) during Fernandez stay in Miami to collect info on latter."

Gavin McDonald

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