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Cryptonym: CIRASH-6

Orlando Garcia Vasquez. Involved in smuggling arms to Autentico party chief Carlos Prio in Cuba during the 1950s. Others investigated in this arms trade included Robert Ray McKeown. McKeown had at least one meeting with Jack Ruby, who also was involved in Cuban arms trade.


CIRASH-6 is identified in this HSCA crypt decoder as Orlando Garcia Vasquez.

124-10350-10121: No Title

"On June 9, 1961, Orlando Garcia Vasquez advised that he is a member of the Unity Movement of Aureliano Sanchez Arango which is called Revolutionary Junta of National Liberation (Junta) (AMEER)...the Junta does not accept any Americans, and is in no way associated with the few of the revolutionary organizations in Miami which consist of American adventurers."


3/23/64 cable from Caracas to Director: "CIRAKE-3 contacted 21 March by AMVANG-1 in Caracas and invited on behalf of AMBANG-1 to attend AMBANG organization meeting in Puerto Rico this week. Round trip expenses to be paid by AMBANG organization. CIRASH-6 (IDEN A) apparently included in same invitation." CIRASH-6 aka Orlando Garcia Vasquez is identified as IDEN A in this document: 104-10179-10202, see https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10179-10202.pdf


3/23/64 cable from Caracas to Director: "AMVANG-1 apparently functioning in Caracas as unofficial AMBANG rep. Although CIRAKE-3 and AMVANG-1 formerly on friendly terms, recent CIRAKE-3 propaganda campaign against AMBANG-1 resulted in cool relations. Consequently AMVANG-1 contacted CIRASH-6 on 20 March and requested him arrange meeting of CIRAKE-3, CIRASH-2 and AMVANG-1 to discuss broad subject of AMBANG organization...during lunch AMVANG-1 told CIRAKE-3 and CIRASH-6 that AMBANG-1 is anxious (to ) meet with both of them in Puerto Rico." It also mentions that CIRASH-6 is highly regarded in the Caracas Cuban exile community and was hostile to AMBANG-1/JURE.

Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XXVI Current Section: CE 3066 - Letter dated April 17, 1964, from FBI to Commission, forwarding FBI report dated April 17, 1964, on Robert Ray ...

4/17/64 FBI letterhead memo on Robert Ray McKeown: "Information concerning reported contact between Jack L. Ruby and Robert Ray McKeown was furnished the President's Commission on March 2, 1964, by report of Special Agent Manning C. Clements in Dallas, Texas...McKeown was one of the subjects in an extensive investigation conducted by this Bureau since 1952 concerning the activities of Carlos Prio Socarres...the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit...charged various individuals, including McKeown, with conspiracy to smuggle guns and related equipment, to Cuba..." The defendants included McKeown, Prio, CIRASH-6, Orlando Garcia Vasquez, also known as Orlando Vasquez, F. Valdez, Ramos...and about ten others.


10/23/76 cable from REDACTED to Director, slugline NIACT (Night Action): "Ambassador has just been apprised of Taylor Branch story in 23 October issue of Miami News in which Ricardo Morales Navarette is identified as CIA agent with participation in Operation MONGOOSE against Cuba and service as mercenary in Congo. In view possible Venezuelan government attempt to pass blame for Cubana bombing onto USG by implying FBI and CIA had long time association with suspects in case, Ambassador would like to know as soon as possible full history of any Agency affiliation with the following, exclusive of time in Venezuela: "A. Orlando Garcia Vasquez, Cuban-Venezuelan (201-3267860). Employee of DISIP (Note: Venezuelan intelligence) B. Ricardo Morales Navarette, Cuban/Venezuelan (201-3285923). (Note: Morales had been also known as AMDESK-1) Employee of DISIP. C. Freddy Lugo, Venezuelan, suspect bomber. D. Hernan Ricardo Lozano, Venezuelan, suspect bomber. E. Luis Posada Carilles, Cuban/Venezuelan (201-0300985) former DISIP employee. (Note: Posada was WKSCARLET-3, prior to that AMCLEVE-3 and CIFENCE-4) F. Oleg Gueton Rodriguez. Venezuelan. G. Alfredo Gutierrez. Venezuelan. H. Francisco Nunez (illegible), former Cuban naval officer. I. Celso Toledo, female, believed Venezuelan, secretary for Posada, above...need full HQS traces on all of above Subjects (exclusive of Venezuela) to satisfy Ambassador's concern that we are aware of all info available to us and not be unpleasantly surprised by revelations in US media stories. Please reply NIACT."

Lisa Pease, Gunrunner Ruby and the CIA, https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/gunrunner-ruby-and-the-cia

The Warren Report tells of an incident in early 1959 where Ruby made "preliminary inquiries, as a middleman, concerning the possible sale to Cuba of some surplus jeeps located in Shreveport, La., and asked about the possible release of prisoners from a Cuban prison." 9 Ruby's sister indicated the jeeps might have been military surplus from W.W.II. 10 Both the story of the jeeps and the story of the prisoners tie Ruby to some interesting Cuban activities. Texas gunrunner Robert McKeown said Ruby "had a whole lot of jeeps he wanted to get to Castro." Ruby wanted McKeown to write a personal letter of introduction to Castro for Ruby so he could talk to Castro about releasing some unnamed friends detained in Havana.

HSCA Report, Volume IX Current Section: Trips to Cuba

Wally Weston, a comedian and emcee who worked for Ruby, informed (the HSCA) that while visiting Ruby in jail some time after Ruby was convicted, Ruby mentioned Cuba: "When I went to see him (Jack Ruby) that one time he was shook, he says, 'Geez, Wally, they're going to find out about Cuba. They're going to find out about the guns, find out about New Orleans, find out about everything.'"

Bill Simpich

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