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Cryptonym: CIRASH-4

Erasto Fernandez Betancourt, director of DIGEPOL. A cable in September of 1967 stated that Fernandez had a 201 number of 201-324359. A cable in January, 1968, mentioned that CIRASH-4's 201 number was 201-324359, matching Fernandez's.
A JMWAVE cable in September of 1967 stated that AMCLEVE-15 (Luis Posada Carriles) claimed he had a job which involved working for CIRASH-4. In addition, cables in October, 1967, stated that CIRASH-4 would be appointed director of DIGEPOL. CIRASH-4 was involved with a Venezuelan political party, ADECO. Moreover, a FBI document in May of 1968 stated that Luis Posada and Gustavo Ortiz were under the direct supervision of Erasto Fernandez, who was then head of DIGEPOL.


09/03/67: JMWAVE-9138 IN 46714: "AMCLEVE-15 had previously worked under CIRASH-4. AMCLEVE-15 claims he has job of working for CIRASH-4 on (REDACTION) job would be investigative..."

104-10220-10128: LUIS CLEMENTE POSADA.

09/27/67: Cable: "1. It not necessary for JMWAVE contact AMCLEVE-15 per para 4 ref as there sufficient info our files to aptly illustrate type individual Fernandez (Handwritten: (324359) is and his attitude towards WOFACT. Still wish avoid any possible misunderstanding on part terminated AMCLEVE-15 that WOFACT would subsidize his employment (REDACTION)...WH Comment: *COS, Minit and Erasto Fernandez Betancourt, for DC/Digepol met to discuss collaboration between Station and Digepol. Not clear if Fernandez to be new Chief. While F has bad rep not clear why. Fernandez was cooperative with Station previous time no clear indications he enriched himself by accepting bribes from left. Station would work slowly until full assessment acquired. Asked WAVE to work closely with AMCLEVE-15 during Fernandez stay in Miami to collect info on latter."


10/18/67: JMWAVE-9802 IN 74926: "Gave report on telephone call from (REDACTION) on 18 October 1967. (REDACTION) informed AMCLEVE-15 that CIRASH-4 would be new director of (REDACTION) late October 1967..." - - - Page 166: 10/28/67: Cable: "1. Station definitely interested in possibility picking up AMCLEVE-15 (REDACTION) if and when CIRASH-4 is named director. This would be particularly useful if he would be as close as past traffic suggests to CIRASH-4, whom needless to say we do not completely trust..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=157392&search=#relPageId=166&tab=page

104-10178-10002: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE.

CIA document: Titled: WKSCARLET-3: Page 3: ..."28 Oct 67: Subject picked up as unilateral penetration of CIRASH and CIRASH-4..."

104-10220-10128: LUIS CLEMENTE POSADA.

10/30/67: Cable: Slugline AKULE PBRUMEN: ..."2. According AMCLEVE/15 nomination of CIRASH/4 as director of DIGEPOL delayed because CIRASH/4's political party, ADECO is in trouble. 3. (REDACTION) is alias of AMCLEVE/15's JMWAVE CO."

104-10220-10128: LUIS CLEMENTE POSADA.

01/24/68: Cable: "1. AMCLEVE-15 contacted by station officer 22 January. He still working directly with CIRASH-4 (Handwritten: 324359) and will also work with (REDACTION) presently involved in attempts arrest key subversives and handled case leading to recent arrest Lino Martinez..."


02/01/68: Cable: Page 2: ..."WH Comments: *Explantion of (REDACTION) station reasons for wanting AMCLEVE-15 as a penetration agent into (REDACTION). **Transmittal of CIRASH-15 report on meeting with Uzcategui after which CIRASH-15 was introduced to AMCLEVE-15 who disclosed at home of (REDACTION) that he (AMCLEVE-15) had brought (REDACTION) and infra-red signal devices from Miami (seen by CIRASH-15), and was engaged in conspiracy for sabotage with (REDACTION) unknown to (REDACTION) CIRASH-4. ***Outlined proposed payments to AMCLEVE-15 and requested HQ expedite POA as penetration agent (REDACTION)."


05/10/68: Cable: ..."3. We would propose limit examination to points designed determine that he has not, is not, and does not plan engage in activities hostile to WOFIRM. Our only real concern is to be assured he not working against us. Since much of his value to CIRASH-4 is based on his other activities and his contacts in Miami, as pointed out in Ref B, and since we are obliged to maintain liaison with CIRASH-4, we would propose not conduct direct questioning on this aspect his activities. 4. Request authorization to SGSWIRL AMCLEVE-15, but wish make clear that we do not propose use examination to probe points raised Ref A; rather only to establish that he working for and not against us."


05/22/68: FBI document: 105-1729-1853 FD 302 of Ricardo Morales Navarrete: "Information furnished to SA Joseph C. Ball, re: Venezuelan Political Activities. Cuban nationals Luis Posada and Gustavo Ortiz are in charge of Section 1 of the General Directorate of Police (DIGIPOL), the Venezuelan secret police. This section is in charge of all Cuban activities and movements in Venezuela. Posada and Ortiz reportedly have gained such control that every Cuban who enters or leaves Venezuela is required to submit to an interview by this section. Posada is a 'gangster type' and he and Ortiz are reportedly very effective, using strong-arm methods to obtain information and fight pro-Castro elements. For example, if an individual is identified as a Castro supporter, they do not bother to question him or advise him of any rights but simply eliminate him. They are under the direct supervision of Erasto Fernandez, the head of DIGEPOL. Erasto Fernandez has recently been under investigation by high Venezuelan authorities. DIGEPOL recently arrested two Venezuelan students who were subsequently found dead and Fernandez has been under investigation by the Venezuelan Senate because of those and other similar activities. Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo, also known as 'El Mexicano' has recently left for Venezuela, where he will be in touch with Posada and Ortiz..."


05/30/68: Cable from Caracas to Director: Slugline CIFLUTE: "1. CIRASH-4 advised Station 29 May of arrests of A. Aguedo Lugo, born 6 April 37, Cuba and residing at 850 S.W. 2nd Street, Miami (Alien registration No. 12895405). B. Nicolas Diaz, 36 year old male, born Santurce, Puerto Rico and residing 2382 N.W. 21 Terrace, Miami. Diaz travelled with tourist card No. A 73463 issued by Viasa at Miami; however CIRASH-4 stated above document false and subject identified as 'a gangster long sought by the FBI' named Francisco (Rodriguez) Tamayo, alias 'El Mejicano.' 2. Both subjects arrested upon arrival from Miami on 18 May and presently detained by DIGEPOL. CIRASH-4 stated that he has info that subjects had come to assassinate unknown target for $15,000.00. 3. CIRASH-4 stated he does not have sufficient evidence to prosecute case (except illegal entry on Diaz which would probably not be prosecuted) and desires know soonest if FBI or immigration interested in which case he will deport to Miami otherwise they to be released on condition they leave Venezuela. 4. Request HQs and AMOT traces on Rodriguez."

104-10220-10128: LUIS CLEMENTE POSADA.

06/06/68: Cable: "1. AMCLEVE-15 met with Lugo and Rodriguez at CIRASH-4's (201-334359) direction and his reports led to their arrest. Unfortunately CIRASH-4 did not cover AMCLEVE-15 and Rodriguez is convinced he fingered them and has sworn kill AMCLEVE-15 at first opportunity. 2. While (REDACTION) understands LNERGO would not have great interest this case, is it equally true that neither LNERGO nor LNYUMA could arrest Rodriguez for leaving country illegally and travelling on false documents? We anxious protect AMCLEVE-15 and wonder if JMWAVE can prevail on LNERGO or LNYUMA to accept return of Lugo and Rodriguez followed by immediate arrest and interrogation. 3. CIRASH-4 plans deport them to Miami on 8 June on Viasa. Will attempt ascertain flight."


06/07/68: Cable from Caracas to JMWAVE: "Too late to consult with embassy as Lugo and Rodriguez deported on Viasa Flight 740 arriving Miami 1330 hours 7 June. AMCLEVE-15 reported this to station check with CIRASH-4 confirmed it. CIRASH-4 did not touch base with either station or embassy; he merely called Venezuelan Consulate Miami and told them to advise local authorities of arrival."

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