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Cryptonym: CASAILOR-25

CIA source who left Cuba in mid-1963 after time as prisoner at the Isle of Pines

104-10308-10267: MEMORANDUM: AMQUAR

10/30/63: Memorandum for the record from LAD/JFK Task Force: Subject: AMQUAR: "1. Description: A PA/Prop operation. 2. Findings: HAMB 3879 (IN 50361) 30 Oct 63: (HAMB 3880 (IN 50478) Idens. Concerns debriefing of CASAILOR-25 on 24 and 25 Oct 63. He reported that Faustino Perez, born ca. 1923, commander in Castro's army in Havana Hqs., Granma veteran and former minister in Castro's Government, told C-25 in August 1963 that Castro must be killed and all resistance groups organized. C-25 described Perez as an opportunist who would need promise of advantage in return for help."


10/30/63 cable HAMB 3079 from Hamburg to Director, slugline RYBAT NYXIS ZRWAGON CASAILOR MHAPRON: "During debriefings 24 Oct and 25 Oct in Bristol CASAILOR-25 named identities with whom he in contact and certain they anti-regime and will be active in fight to destroy it. CASAILOR-25 made following comments about each identity (note: he covers 17 individuals). IDEN A CASAILOR-25 shared cell in Isle of Pines prison with him and he and C-25 'like brothers'. He drove C-25 to ship in Cardenas in mid-August prior (to) present trip and seen frequently by C-25 while home...C-25 believes that he (note: himself) is capable beginning revolution which could take control of Guanajay and Artermisa and neighboring areas and hold for maximum of 48 hours before the Soviet military strength could be concentrated in areas..." He wanted answers to certain questions before his return to Cuba. Also see 104-10308-10269 - it describes IDEN A amid redactions as "commanding officer of Pinar del Rio (redaction) with HQS in Bahai Honda. Classmate and very close friend of REDACTED who appealed to him to take present position."

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