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Cryptonym: AMYUM

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MRR - Revolutionary Recovery Movement.
See 104-10308-10043: CIA gives permission for MRR to kill a suspected mole, Eduardo Ojeda Camaraza.

104-10296-10001: As of 9/11/61, MRR as represented by Manuel Artime/AMBIDDY-1 was referred to as a "dying organization".

In 1963, a CIA case officer said that the MRR was the CIA's "chosen people". Was that really true?

One analysis memo by the Latin American Division suggests that the crypt - as used inside the agency - was at times used to refer to all types of paramilitary activity not just that conducted by the MRR.

Back in 1960, Morales was working with MRR inside Cuba, while Droller was working with MRR outside of Cuba - see the memo below. 104-10193-10367.


MRR was created in Nov 1959 when groups led by Artime/AMBIDDY and Lorie/QDCOVE agreed to unite. Original national directorate included the later founders of the DRE Alberto Muller/AMHINT-1 and Luis Hernandez Rocha/AMHINT-53; Rogelio Gonzalez Corzo/AMRUNG-1. The Executive Board included Guillot Castellanos/AMBRONC-5 and Nino Diaz/AMNORM-1.

Jesus Arboleya, The Cuban Counterrevolution (Ohio University Center for International Studies, 2000), pp. 64-65.

"Various accounts exist concerning the original composition of the MRR. Nevertheless, the majority agree it came together in late 1959 with the incorporation of some members of the ACU (Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria) and a small group composed of representatives of a sector of the eastern landholding elite that had participated in the anti-Batista struggle. Some of the principal figures of the group were the ex-comandantes of the Rebel Army - Ricardo Lorie, Antonio Michel Yabor, and Nino Diaz - who, together with Artime, signed the press release announcing the creation of the organization in Costa Rica in June 1960. Some time later they split with Artime and formed the so-called MRR de los Comandantes. The CIA was not oblivious to the formation of the MRR. Its rise coincided with the CIA's initial efforts at creating a counterrevolutionary front, and both the exit of Artime from Cuba as well as his subsequent tour of Latin America are evidence of the existence of operational ties before his reported meeting with (Gerald Droller, aka Frank Bender). Thanks to this support, the MRR went on to become one of the principal organizations of the national oligarchy and one of the most active counterrevolutionary groups in its first stages."


11/1/60 memo from WH/4/PM to C/WH/4/PA (Gerard Droller): "Zamka has, insofar as we know, been working AMYUM/AMRUNG in Cuba. The Bender people have, so far as we know, been handling AMYUM/AMRUNG people external to Cuba. It is rather obvious that the two would correspond and connect the U.S. internal with Bender external. Unless Zamka revealed his KUBARK affiliation, then only U.S. interest has been tied in with Bender." Handwritten reference at end of note to "201-280613". This reference is unknown. Droller used the name "Frank Bender".

104-10308-10043: MEMO: JMARC PROGRAM

11/6/60, memo from JMASH to Director, and Mr. John Isaminger at WH notified with permission to kill a suspected mole: Re Eduardo Ojeda Camaraza, who had contacted the AMRUNG/AMYUM complex in Havana while attempting to accomplish a mission: "If bona fides not established AMRUNG/AMYUM may arrange to kill Ojeda as either very untrustworthy or positive Castro penetration/provocateur. Please advise as to desired MASH action or TDY case officer Zaboth/Carl Jenkins to handle." Ironically, a 11/7/60 post shows that AMBIDDY-1/Manuel Artime thought that "Ojeda" was a reference to AMYUM-1/Lino Bernabe Fernandez Martinez, who used the war name 'Ojeda'. See 104-10240-10154. See 104-10506-10028: Years later, the Latin American Task Force characterizes this memo as JMASH's fear that MRR might kill Ojeda.

1994.06.02.15:07:15:780005: Reel 61, Folder B - UNIDAD REVOLUTIONARIA.

MRR underground given no instructions on what to do at time of Bay of Pigs.

104-10308-10087: MEMO: AMYUM

Mid-70s memorandum for the record by the LAD/JFK Task Force: "PM activity. Includes correspondence which is other than that which pertains to the MRR (Revolutionary Recovery Movement) political group." On 7/26/61 a woman with the MRR was part of an action to kill Fidel Castro with a bazooka at the Plaza Civic. There was a defective firing device in the bazooka, which caused failure. G-2 had been surveilling the planners for some time. "She seemed to be connected with AMBRONC-5 (a CIA on-island asset) who was arrested and executed the latter part of August 1962."

1994.08.11.15:54:51:540028 - Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC) - General

2/21/63 memo by C/SAS/PA-PROP Seymour Bolden to C/SAS Des FitzGerald: Reports history of CRC and MRR's leading role within it until departure Feb. 1963. Its representative was Cesar Baro Esteva.


4/3/63 memo: "AMYUM organization of which AMBIDDY-1 is secygen submitted ambitious propaganda program on 15 March. WAVE asked AMYUM rewrite plan as it found be heavy on propagandizing Cuban colony in WAVE area and not enough directed inside PBRUMEN (Cuba). AMYUM presently redrafting plan."


7/1/63 meeting: "AMBIDDY intends to leave in Miami an AMYUM subsection for propaganda, headed by Dr. Baro. Also certain professional sectors of AMYUM, such as physicians, will remain in Miami. However, the head of the students organization will take up headquarters in Costa Rica."


MRR (Revolutionary Recovery Movement) is listed as AMYUM. Name is provably based on the agreement between the White House and CIA - both entities liked this organization. Referred to in a post below as "the chosen people". On 10/8/63: (See 180-10141-10251), CO Warren K. Guertler told A-19 (AMYUM-19) that the MRR were the CIA's "chosen people", but if someone in the US (maybe State Dept.) wanted Manuel Ray, the CIA will have to accept him. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=38338&relPageId=31

124-10284-10081 No Title

10/14/63 cable from the Department of State stated there were only three Cuban leaders that still commanded respect among the exiles: Manuel Artime, Manuel Ray, and Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, none of whom would be expected to agree with one another.

124-10284-10081: No Title

FBI correlation memo: "CIA (protect identity) advised on 5/14/64 that MRR is not a CIA operation. CIA at the direction of 'Special Group' had been furnishing support to the MRR and its leader, Manuel Artime, and had been maintaining liaison with hin over a regular basis. CIA disclaimed control over the MRR and Artime."

Bill Simpich

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