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Cryptonym: AMYELL-1

Unknown identity. A cable in November, 1960, on the plan to sabotage the main power plant in Havana, seemed to indicate that AMYELL-1 was an "American businessman with opposition contacts" (unless it is AMPAL-1). AMPAN-1 (Jose Ortega) allegedly did not know of the plan.
A CIA document on the UR in 1963 stated that Candido del Sol Curbelo had featured in AMYELL-1's trial, via NOTLOX and AMPANIC-14 (Juan de Jesus Arbelo Zabaleta). Curbelo was an associate of Clarence. According to Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria, (AMDENIM-1), Curbelo was executed in Cuba in September, 1962.

Cuba 109 Correspondence DOS 2003-02-25 Grafeld-JHL

12/02/58, Air pouch from American Embassy in Havana: Page 3: ..."MILITARY: Army: 1. Conspiracy Uncovered. On Thursday evening, 27 November, SIM (Servicio Inteligencia Militar) placed under arrest a number of Cuban Army officers ranging in grade from Lt. Colonel down thru Lieutenant. Reports of the number detained and interrogated vary, but there may have been as many as 40-60 interrogated. Among those implicated were Lt. Col. Candido Curbelo del Sol, Lt. Col. San Martin y Fresnada, Major Pedro Castro y Rojas, and Lt. Laurcano Pino y Cruz. The latter is an aide of General Diaz Tamayo. As a result of the interrogation one active conspiracy against the Government was uncovered and effectively squashed..."


11/23/60, Havana to Director (Phillips WH Div notified): "Julio Mestre, member MDC Directorate...contacted station 22 Nov and related foll: He and Jesus Fernandez Hernandez had been working past three nights at home of Sarah Emeline Hernandez Cata y Galt on 'Operation Unity'. Objective of ops is create dramatic show here which will demonstrate Manolo Ray is wrong when he telling contacts in U.S. that his group only one capable of action and which will create incident here demanding combined follow through by MRR, Autenticos, MDC, MAR and others due (that) they will have no other choice than fight for survival. Ops involves Jesus Fernandez and six others Cuban electric company proceeding to main control center Cuban electric company at Tallapiedra and blowing it up with plastic demolitions which they have obtained from AMPAN-1. Results will be black out of Havana and Santa Clara for six months. Demolition will be timed for 2300 hrs 23, 24, or 25 Nov. Immediately foll demolition AMPAN-1 will meet with sabotage reps MRR, MDC and Autenticos and distribute 20 hundred bombs which are on hand and will be used throughout Havana with principal targets Havana port area and PSP offices...(CIA officer Wilmer) Aretz noted that plan appeared poorly coordinated assure follow up to event if it does take place and it may precipitate complete destruction opposition by a desperate Castro. Mestre stated plan had not been coordinated FRD Miami and AMPALM-5/Jose Rasco intentionally left out but ops fully coordinated here among FRD sabotage chiefs by AMPAN-1. Braz Emb Secy Lacos on 22 Nov told emb pol officer Wayne Smith that Manolo Ray group planning blow up main power plant of Cuban Electric at 2300 hrs 22 Nov...station aware AMRUNG-1/Rogelio Gonzalez y Corso (MRR chief) appointed AMPAN-1 as chief action and sab for Havana area and had provided him plastic...Msg received from AMPAN-1 afternoon 22 Nov confirms plan blow up power plant, transformers, gas stas, & trucks, etc."


Manuel Ray file review shows "11/24/60 cable to Director from JMASH, meeting with AMCHIRP-1 (Ramon Barquin Lopez) on 11/23, revealed that he had information that MRP in Havana had capabilities to blow up power plant and TV station in Havana - a diversionary tactic planned to coordinate with Isle of Pines operation. Ray expects Isle of Pines operation support about 12/15/60; 11/24/60 cable to Director from Havana. Operation Unity involves MRR, MDI, OA, 30th of November Group and MAR (not MAR of Pepin Rivero). MAR and OA groups to blow electrical cable in Regla area. MDC group, at same time, to make assassination attempt on CARLOS RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ at University of Havana."


11/25/60 cable from Havana to Director: "Night 24 Nov AMPAN-1 told Scorgory Operation Unity called off...Mestre said Ray group backing out of op because it did not want participation of any other group since hoped take full credit for op. Jesus Fernandez and other members '30 November' group did not show up for meet with AMPAN-1 night of 24 November and he has been unable to locate them. AMPAN-1 feels Ray group and 30 November playing politics and may poss try execute op on their own although A-1 believes they lack courage. A-1 said Ray group has 250 pounds TNT and not plastic...A-1 wishes (to) proceed with plan utilizing his group (MAR)...the assignments would be as follows: MAR commandos blow main terminal in Naranjito which supplies power to entire city Habana, Mariano, Regla, and Guanabacoa. Simultaneously attack Dieinero which controls electrical supply from Matanzas thereby negating possibility of accessing alternate source. OA group creates diversionary sab various places and knock out power lines Regla area which feed oil refineries; MDC engage in diversionary sab; MRR tasks include assassination attempts and sab..."


11/30/60, Cable from Havana to Director: Slugline INTEL: "SUPDATA Source: AMPAR-2. Jose Duarte Oropesa, member of MRP to AMYELL-1. AMPAL-1. REF HAVA 7023 (IN 47583)*. AMPAN-1 knows of no plan to blow plant 29 Nov. Poss exists this may be attempt Ray group get dump on FRD by striking at target first....SOURCES: A. Employee of power company (F). B. Member of MRP (F). C. American businessman with opposition contacts (C). C/S Comment: *AMPAN/1 (4) stated that operation unity was called off; felt that Ray group and 30 November group might possibly try to execute operation on their own."


Diario de Una Traicion Cuba 1961 by Leovigildo Ruiz The Indian Printing: 1712 W. Flagler Street,(Libreria Cervantes, 1126 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida, 33130, Tel.: 371-0556): (Spanish to English translation) Page 373: ..."November 30 (1960): As a result of the bombs placed in the records of the Cuban Electricity Company, by the November 30 Movement, much of the city of Havana is in the dark, missing in some neighborhoods the electric fluid for more than 24 hours. The records where the bombs had been placed and exploded were those located on Diaria Y Aguila streets; Zulueta and San Jose; San Jose and Consulate; Galiano between Neptune and Concordia; Enna and Justice; Anton Recio between Daily and Closed Door; Alembic between Vives and Esperanza; Concordia number 153 and Santa Emilia 24. Because of these explosions, hundreds of workers from the Cuban Electricity Company..."


CIA document: Page 17: ..."In an attempt to obtain information on UR paramilitary assets in Cuba, JMWAVE directed Alberto Fernandez in April 1962 to arrange for exfil of the UR Military Coordinator, Candido Curbelo del Sol (aka: Ricardo). Curbelo also was to bring full details on the UR 'naval plans:' and the UR in Cuba was to be instructed to cease contact with YOACRE, for reasons to be explained at the meeting with the Military Coordinator. (94) This message was sent by Sanchez via Antonio Comellas Ayala (Cuban) employee of Pan Am in Habana who made frequent trips to U.S.) for delivery to Sergio Fuentefria (aka: Daniel), UR General Coordinator in Cuba. (59) JMWAVE had originally planned to infiltrate Zayas into Cuba to obtain data on the UR status across the board, but Zayas refused the infil assignment and was terminated shortly thereafter. (223) He had also mis-managed UR training teams psychologically and financially, leading to the walk-out by Cid Crespo, Montero and others ca. February 1962. (129) Exfil of Curbelo did not materialize for reasons known best to the UR in Cuba. He was later arrested and, according to Alberto Fernandez, was executed in September, 1962. (223)..."


04/16/63, CIA document: Page 60: ..."85. Curbelo, del Sol, Candido, AKA: 'Ricardo' (Handwritten: 201-325321): Former Mil Coord UR, Cuba; associate of Clarence, featured in AMYELL-1 trial, via NOTLOX and AMPANIC-14; once requested assistance of Swiss to enter YOACRE; suspected as provocateur by SMOTH; ca. 55 years old; former Col. in Batista army; arrested prior 3 Aug 62; alleged to have been executed Sept 2; present status not certain. (59;150;157;168;175; 212)..."

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