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Cryptonym: AMWHIP-1

Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez, a Cuban exile living in the U.S. who was a "long-time friend" of Rolando Cubela (AMLASH). AMWHIP-1 arranged the 1961 meeting between a CIA case officer and Cubela, who was recruited to attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.

104-10183-10410: MEMO: TEPEDINO, CARLOS

September 1965 memo describes Tepedino as a 40 year old married male who is a citizen of Cuba; cooperating with the Agency since 1959, living in the USA since 1961. Used as a covert FI asset, 201-211900. In interrogation, said that he had not told (Cuban Ambassador to Paris) Carrillo about his relationship with American intelligence. (p. 8) He believed that Cubela/AMLASH-1 was cooperating with Cuban intelligence, but sincere in his desire to overthrow Castro. (p. 7).

104-10065-10094: AMLASH OPERATION

Late 70s post-Church Committee memo: "(The) relationship between CIA and AMLASH-1, prior to Oswald's assassination of President Kennedy, was so insubstantial and inconclusive that it provided no basis for AMLASH-1 to feel that he had any tangible support for plotting against Castro...in March 1961, AMLASH-1 was met in Mexico City by a CIA officer stationed there...the meeting was arranged by AMWHIP-1, a long-time friend of AMLASH-1."


Note, probably from 1965: "A study of refs indicates Carrillo responding WHIP's inquiries freely. This gives rise to several suppositions: (Carrillo) knows of the WHIP/AMLASH-1 relationship and is part of the LASH/AMEIJEIRAS/()ELOPE/()TEAM, although WHIP doesn't know this, which seems unlikely; or suspects that WHIP is in contact with the Americans and, in line with his own - Carrillo's -- assistance to Fidel Castro in the attempted rapprochment with the USA, is attempting to cooperate by answering WHIP's innocuous questions about who is who and in what position with the GOC (Government of Cuba)..."

Dr. Juan B. Giusti • Bill Simpich

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