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Cryptonym: AMWEE-2

Zbynek Samonil


12/10/63 cable WAVE 8762 from JMWAVE to Director: "To date have seen no developments indicating any DSE reaction to exfiltration of AMWEE-2 and AMFAUNA-14. On 3 Dec Luis Sobral GOC immigration official who DSE asked (to be) AMWEE-1 chauffeur during routine visit fonmin why chauffeur had been promoted to AMWEE-2 job at AMWEE/Czech embassy. Chauffeur replied AMWEE-2 away on vacation in Oriente and he had been given A-2 job in interim...AMWEE-1 guesses that DSE believes A-2 is hiding somewhere in Cuba." (113 of 572)


10/24/63, attachment to HMMW-12018: Bohumil Jirkal, a diplomatic courier, "arrived in Mexico on 13 September 1963 to replace Zbynek Samonil as chauffeur at the Czech Embassy." (540 of 572)


11/22/63 cable WAVE 8027 from JMWAVE to Director: "AMWEE-2 and AMFAUNA-14 arrived Miami 1430 hours 22 Nov. Both appear in good health. Being safehoused separately and will start debriefings as soon as rested...Preliminary debriefing (of) AMHICK team indicates (that) pickup (of) AMWEE-2 and AMFAUNA-14 went like clock work and there no indications (of) any hostile surveillance of pickup etc. Believe AMHICK ratline remains secure."

104-10075-10000: JMWAVE CABLE RE SOLEDAD

11/23/63 cable WAVE 8100, from JMWAVE to Director, slugline RYBAT TYPIC MODOR AMWEE AMHICK COMMO: "...Begin agent msg: (Igor and Soledad X) are safe with us now and in good health. Igor sends greetings to Victor and says he will write Magoo soon but until then requests you not indicate to anyone you know that he is here or has even left Cuba yet. Victor CMA (?) in our talks with Igor we can see that you managed our things very well in these difficult days. We will have a good long talk in Mexico and agree on plans for the careful resumption of our work under security advantages which have been gained by the infiltration of Igor and Soledad X in meantime agree with your plan work alone for awhile and suggest you hold off on putting to work new employee Alfa Bravo. When you come out day two nine urgent you bring with you map grid locations and drawings or photographs two new Alcantapilla dead drop sites and two new kilometer stone or bench cache sites. More tomorrow. Your friend Luis." "For Director only: Igor is AMWEE-2. Soledad is AMFAUNA-14. Magoo is AMWEE (Czech) ambassador. Alfa Bravo are initials of Aldo Baroni, Italian hired locally to replaced AMWEE-4..."

Bill Simpich

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