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Cryptonym: AMWASP-1

Gilberto R. Alemany, Cuban trade counsellor in Tokyo, who defected to the U.S. in August, 1965.
A cable in June 1963 appears to have mention of AMWASP-1 scored out. He would not defect to the U.S. until August 1965, more than two years later. Therefore, it appears AMWASP-1 had his own crypt by at least June 1963. In addition, AMWASP-1 was described as a "valuable element of the AMSCROLL Project" in June 1966 dispatch. In that same dispatch it was anticipated that AMWASP-1 would be terminated at the end of 1966.


06/28/63, Cable: Slugline DIRECTOR INFO JMCOBRA: Page 2: ...2. "AMSNAKE-1 and AMWASP-1 (AMWASP-1 appears to have been scored out at least partially) to be provided with letter drop contact with JMCOBRA."


09/01/65, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: "1. LITAMIL-9 seems to be trapped inside Cuba. On 18 August the Case Officer met with LITAMIL-17 (L-9's brother) to review two letters received from L-9. One of these, dated 15 July and mailed at Gander, Newfoundland (presumably by an airline crew member), used the term 'de lo mas bien.' This is an indicator meaning 'I expect to leave within the year.' In another (updated) letter L-9 reports that he has been promoted to 'Secretario de Segunda.' 2. L-9 asked for a large quantity of art supplies and mentioned that he is doing a painting since he has not yet gone back to work. The quantity of material requested indicates that he expects to remain inside for some time. 3. The C/O asked L-17 to phone L-9, ostensibly to request further detail on how to ship the art supplies. In the course of the conversation L-17 was to ask L-9 how long he expected to remain in Cuba. L-17 reported on 28 August that he had spoken with L-9. L-9 said he did not expect to leave for 'a long time.' 4. With the recent defections of AMWASP-1 and a Cuban Ambassador in Europe it may be difficult for L-9 to obtain a foreign post. It is not likely that he could seriously be considered politically reliable by the Cuban Government. With the return of his mother and sister from Spain he no longer has an excuse to request permission to visit Madrid. The only bright spot on the horizon is his sister-in-law's close relationship to AMTHUG. L-17 feels that it is to her advantage to have L-9 abroad so L-9 can send her consumer goods which are unobtainable in Cuba. 5. At present the Station has no reason to believe L-9 will be able to leave Cuba any time soon."


09/10/65, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH (Info: C/FE; COS (REDACTION); COS, MEXICO; COS, CARACAS): "REF: WAVE 5450, 31 August 1965: 1. Subject report prepared by AMSCROLL presents a roundup of preparatory activities and subsequent publicity of the AMWASP-1 defection as sponsored by the AMSCROLL organization. Due to the number of MHSPAWN assets which interplayed in the particular operation, the report is attached under separate cover No. 1 in true names and identities without reference to the MHSPAWN assets involved. 2. Under separate cover attachment No. 2 contains samples of written propaganda and an AMSCROLL mailing list. 3. Also forwarded under separate cover, attachment No. 3, are the Spanish and English tapes of the AMWASP-1 statement."


09/10/65, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH (Info: C/FE; COS (REDACTION); COS, MEXICO; COS, CARACAS): "REF: WAVE 5450, 31 August 1965: Pages 387-388: Separate Cover Attachment to No. 1 to - LFGX-54: Unidad Revolucionaria Memorandum. "The following steps have been taken in the defection and subsequent publicity of Gilberto Alemany, Trade Counselor of the Cuban Embassy in Tokyo, Japan: 1. A press conference was held on August 27th at 7 p.m. in the Biscayne Room of the McAllister Hotel, which was attended by most of the members of the Miami area press, (approximately 50 persons in total) in response to Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) invitation...2. Coverage by the press included the following items: a. A front-page article by Mary Louise Wilkinson in the Miami News of August 28th. (Both editions). b. An article by Don Bohning in the Miami Herald of August 28th. c. A front-page story in the 'Diario de las Americas' of August 29th by Benjamin de la Vega...e. An article by Humberto Modrano in the 'Diario de la Americas' of September 1st..j. A.I.P. interviewed Mr. Alemany (Jose M. Illan) on September 1st for a cover story in that publication. k. The 'Voice of America' taped an interview in September 2nd (Manolo de la Torre). l. Mr. Al Burt, Latin editor of the 'Miami Herald', interviewed Mr. Alemany on September 2nd for a subsequent story....5. Dr. Rivas-Vasquez (AMFRAME-1) of the UR propaganda section contacted Mr. Martin Correa, Secretary General of the Venezuelan Dockworkers for further steps in that area. Rivas-Vasquez also spoke to Mr. Salvador Romani, of the Movimiento Anti-Comunista Femenino de Venezuela, and Mr. Carlos Andres Perez, former Venezuelan Cabinet member and future presidential candidate. Mr. Martin Correa also requested, and was granted, a private interview with Mr. Alemany on Saturday, August 28, which was also attended by Dr. Seiglie, president of the UR." (CONTINUED BELOW).


09/10/65, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH (Info: C/FE; COS (REDACTION); COS, MEXICO; COS, CARACAS): "REF: WAVE 5450, 31 August 1965: Pages 388: Separate Cover Attachment to No. 1 to - LFGX-54: Unidad Revolucionaria Memorandum. ..."6. Additional follow-up action is listed below: a. Mr. Enrique Lindner, the UR delegate in Washington, D.C., was instructed to try to get Mr. Alemany's statement into a leading national magazine or publication, for which he was sent copies plus photostats of the confidential documents brought by Mr. Alemany during his press conference. Mr. Lindner was hopeful of arranging insertion of the statement in the magazine 'U.S. News and World Report.'"


12/15/65, cable from JMWAVE: Sluglines RYBAT TYPIC ZRWAGON: "1. AMFRAME-1 (IDEN) booked Alitalia Flight 772 departing Caracas 18 Dec to arrive TOKY 2200 on 19 Dec. Delay due Japanese Embassy refusal accept present documentation thus necessitating his obtaining Venezuelan passport. 2. AMFRAME-1 is Chief Economic Warfare section AMSCROLL and has collaborated with station and AMWASP-1 on Japan/Cuba trade ops. He prepared discuss with Oscar or other C/O how AMSCROLL might better support effort reduce this trade. 3. For Dir: WAVE will T.A. charges this op to YOPOLL/41. 4. (REDACTION) AMFRAME-1 enroute (REDACTION) on sensitive op. Originating trip Caracas to hide WAVE area origin."...


05/25/66, Cable: "2...AMWASP-1 (IDEN B) made available for interview 20 May who made point Japan is natural market for Phillippine sugar"... Page 233: ..."B. Gilberto R. Alemany, Cuban trade counsellor, Tokyo, who defected August 1965."


06/20/66, dispatch, COS, JMWAVE - Chief, WH: ...."3. AMWASP-1. See Reference B. He is a valuable element of the AMSCROLL Project and is used in connection with approaches to defection and recruitment targets. We expect to terminate him 31 December 1966"....

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