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Cryptonym: AMTRUNK-2

Enrique Cayado Rivera, aka Enrique Javier Cavado Rivera.

104-10102-10235: OPERATION "LEONARDO."

Note indicates that Enrique Cayado Rivera is AMTRUNK-2. Cayado and Antonio Garcia would disembark near the Garcia family farm and drive into Havana. Cayado's family was in Havana. From there, Cayado's friend Elsa Maria Negrin, secretary of Jose Rebellon, head of the University Students Federation (FEU) "can be counted to serve also as his cover and guide".


Marginalia indicates that this information about Rivera is being kept within the AMICE-14 file. Rivera's date of birth is 11/8/41, born in Havana.


AMTRUNK-2 was allied with student elements of the Partido Autentico prior to Fidel's ascension to power. He was active in the anti-Castro underground in Cuba from 1959 until his defection in 1962. He did not consider himself an ally of the CIA, but was cooperative during his training. The plan for Phase 1 of AMTRUNK was "the black infiltration of AMTRUNK/2 and 3 on the north coast of Havana province...Phase 2, involving AMICE-27 and AMICE-14, will consist of black infiltration through the keys area on the north coast of Mantanzas...Phase 1 and Phase 2 are preliminary infiltrations designed to set up infiltration/exfiltration routes and to make initial contacts among certain select high level military figures in Havana."


02/07/63: FBI memo from S. J. Papich to D. J. Brennan: Subject: Anti-Castro Activities: "On February 6, 1963, Harold Swenson, CIA, confidentially advised the Liaison Agent that the following individuals will be involved in an extremely sensitive operation involving a clandestine landing in Cuba; this will take place in the near future: Enrique Cayado Rivera, Antonio Garcia Perez, Doctor Nestor Antonio Gustavo Jose Luis Moreno Lopez, Miguel Diaz y Salgue, George Volsky. Swenson submitted name check requests concerning the individuals. Bureau files were checked and there was no evidence of any derogatory information. The name checks were returned to Swenson on February 6, 1963, with notations indicating that Bureau files did not contain derogatory information. ACTION: The above information is being directed to the attention of the Nationalities Intelligence Section."

Bill Simpich

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