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Cryptonym: AMTRUNK-10

Ramon Tomas Guin Diaz.
Recruited in April 1963 by AMCHALK-5 inside Cuba: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=19752&search=wodish#relPageId=3&tab=page

104-10102-10226: AMTRUNK OPERATION

AMTRUNK Operation, Interim Working Draft, dated 2/14/77: "Early phases of the operation resulted in the on-island recruitment of Ramon Thomas GUIN Diaz (AMTRUNK-10)...JMWAVE Station advised in March 1966 that four former AMTRUNK internal assets were arrested for counterrevolutionary activities in early 1966, in addition to CUBELA and GUIN, and that all of the principals of the AMTRUNK network active during 1963 and 1964 had been rolled up."


9/19/63 dispatch from Chief of Station, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "During the operational period one of AMLEO-3's operational leads, whom he had written a report on for the AMTRUNK PM operation, was recruited via the recently successful AMTRUNK infiltration operation and given the crypt of AMTRUNK-10."

Bill Simpich, State Secret, Chapter 3: http://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter3.html

Guin, who had been planning to assassinate Castro since 1961, was yet another insecure addition to the AMTRUNK team. Guin was approved to be the principal recruiter within high level Cuban military ranks in 1963, despite distrust within CIA counter-intelligence. Rabel was eventually captured by the Cubans and given a 30 year sentence but only served two years. Between Cubela (AMLASH-1) and Rabel (AMLEO-3), Fidel Castro might as well have been camping out in the Langley basement.


10/1/63 memo from Edward Brown, Chief of OA to Chief, SAS, attn: Paul Maggio: "(On AMTRUNK-10) we depend for the moment on the judgment of AMICE-14, who entered Cuba, recruited him, and thus has direct knowledge of him; and AMICE-27, who included (AMTRUNK-10's) name on a spotting list, thus theoretically having some indication of (AMTRUNK-10's) susceptibility to recruitment. The judgment of AMICE-14 and AMICE-27, however, is suspect." A handwritten note says "this memo hand-carried to Chief, CI/OA on 7 Oct 63 by C/SAS/MOB/FI (Paul Maggio) who discussed our terms of instruction from C/SAS (Desmond FitzGerald). Memo retracted by C/CI/OA. POA (Provisional Operational Approval) granted to A-10 (AMTRUNK-10)."


3/5/66, Washington Evening Star, AP: "Two former Cuban army majors were accused today of plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Fidel Castro. A government communique charged the pair planned the assassination with agents of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in Madrid, Spain and with Manuel Artime, Cuban exile leader. The two majors (were) arrested last Monday...the communique said five other alleged conspirators were arrested Feb. 26. The communique charged that Cubelas planned to shoot Castro with a high-powered telescopic rifle and later share in the top posts under a counter-revolutionary regime with Artime. Another key figure in the alleged assassination plot was Odon Alvarez de la Campa, counsellor in the Cuban embassy in Madrid, who defected in March, 1965...Alvarez was said to have helped arrange interviews between CIA agents and Cuban conspirators. Artime and Cubelas hatched their plans in February 1965 but the Dominican civil war and other problems delayed the assassination attempt...

1993.07.20.15:24:29:530600: RAMON GUIN DIAZ, 1963-1966 (OS/SAG FILE FOR HSCA REVIEW)

This page and the succeeding pages contain valuable biographic data on Guin: Hia security number was 308 889. 201-142291. He lived in Miami and NYC during 1956-1957. While in NY he was active in the Directorio Revolucionario (DR). In 1963, he was a manager at a collective farm at INRA (National Institute of Agrarian Reform).


5/31/63, AMICE-27: Operational Contact: "Ramon Guin Diaz. AMICE-27 will attempt to recruit Subject as his P/A. He would be used for operational intelligence and spotting among disaffected army officers. GUIN is an army commandante and is now managing a large INRA farm complex outside of Havana. He is known to AMICE-27 and AMICE-14, both of whom believe he can be contacted safely. He is anti-Communist and one of the group of Camilo Cienfuegos' officers contacted by AMICE-27 in early 1961 to join in an overthrow of the government."

104-10102-10235: OPERATION "LEONARDO."

Early 1963: In phase 2 of what was to become AMTRUNK, "Through Comandante Guin, who works in INRA and travels around the country, and through anti-Castro amry and civilian elements already active in Cardenas and Marti, the following army officials would be contacted initially: Comandante Guerra, Comandante Parra, Jose Pinares, Capitan Manuel Avila, Capitan Lawton. From there on the contacts would be enlarged. The above mentioned officers were contacted before Pig's Bay (Bay of Pigs) and agreed to participate in Rebel Army uprising in Las Villas province as a part of internal-external anti-Castro plan. After (Playa) Giron, which upset that plan, they remained in the government and are said to be disposed to do it again."

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