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Cryptonym: AMTRIGON-2

Unknown identity, was the team leader of the infiltration team aboard the Villaro vessel in May 1962. In 1963 AMTRIGON-2 was working for Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria (AMDENIM-1).
In the aforementioned 1962 raid, Miguel Delgado Martinez (AMTRIGON-8) died after a firefight. By March 1963, AMTRIGON-2 had been exfiltrated from Cuba, and was seeking to return through infiltration. In 1963 was being considered for use as a reconnaissance agent. By October 1963 AMTRIGON-2 was being considered for inclusion with an Oriente Province team.


08/11/62, memo from Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales) to A/COS: "It is hereby requested that Hilda Rose CARBALLO Miranda, wife of Miguel DELGADO Martinez (201-283995), who disembarked with the AMTRIGON-2 Team in Oriente Province on 13 May be authorized to receive the sum of $250.00 per month until further notice. DELGADO is presumed dead as the result of action between the AMTRIGON-2 Team and a Militia Patrol. In addition to his wife DELGADO left two children. 2. It is further requested that the monthly sum should be handled and mailed by AMBUD Organization through AMTIKI-1 to Mrs. DELGADO. It should be charged to the Hero and Martyr's Fund set up specifically for this purpose. 3. Mrs. DELGADO is currently residing at 1448 N.W., 7th Court, Apartment 3, Miami, Florida. 4. In the event AMBUD-1 desires information regarding DELGADO's death, he should be told that we have no details except that he was killed in action. No operational details should be revealed to him under any circumstances. 5. FYI: DELGADO was a member of the VILLARO Crew and clandestinely went aboard the infiltration rafts at the last minute to join the AMTRIGON Team. His absence was not discovered until the team had infiltrated and moved into its first position. APPROVED Stanley R. ZAMKA A/COS C/PM"


03/15/63, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "3. AMDENIM-1 continued to handle AMTRIGON/2 during this period in the sense of holding him secure following his successful exfiltration from the target area. He served as a leg man and made a number of supporting contacts and investigations during the period which assisted AMDENIM/1 and the Station in their overall efforts. AMTRIGON/2 has now indicated a desire to return to the target area. His plans are being checked out"... Page 4: "12. AMTRIGON-2 is being queried on operational possibilities as a result of his voluntary expression of desire to return to action. He is being considered for use as a reconnaissance agent who could make short trips to the vicinity of prime targets to obtain requisite photography. This will involve considerable re-training and will be dependent upon his ability to learn maritime navigation well enough to get himself out of the target area if necessary."

104-10172-10122: DISPATCH: AMDENIM/1 PROGRESS REPORT 31 MAY 1963

06/28/63, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "4.....AMTRIGON/2 is being held for use as a reconnaissance agent into Oriente as soon as acceptable infiltration point can be developed".. Page 4: ..."8. COSTS:...C. AMTRIGON/2's salary for three months @ $200 =$600"...


10/14/63, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "15....AMTRIGON-2 is currently being considered for inclusion with an Oriente Province team."


05/10/68, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: "1. AMTRIGON-8 was a member of the VILLARO crew. During May 1962 he clandestinely and without authorization boarded an infiltration craft moments before its departure on an operational mission. His absence was not discovered until the team had infiltrated and moved into its first position. 2. On 8 or 9 June 1962 the infiltration team, including AMTRIGON-8, became engaged in a firefight with a militia patrol. AMTRIGON-2, the team leader, reported that AMTRIGON-8 had been wounded and that he assumed AMTRIGON-8 was killed or perhaps captured. However, no further word has been heard from AMTRIGON-8 and he is presumed to be dead. 3. Taking into consideration that the disposition of this case could have an affect on the morale of the other crew members and their attitude toward WOFIRM, it was decided to advise the widow of AMTRIGON-8 that he died a hero's death while fighting for the liberation of his country and to continue monthly payments to the widow and children for an indefinite period. Inclusion of Subject's name on AMBUD Hero & Martyr rolls was deemed to be the most suitable and expeditious manner in which to handle such payments. 4. The response to paragraph 2 of reference will be the subject of a separate dispatch. Raymond K. PANUSES"

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