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Cryptonym: AMTAUP-2

Armando Alanis Angulo, personnel chief of JURE and a penetration agent of the CIA.
Taupe means grey with a tinge of brown - in French, it means "mole". See 104-10179-10153, p. 5: Alfonso Rodriguez/Earl Williamson reports on 2/12/64 that he "discussed the matter of AMTAUP-2's reporting at great length with Tony Sforza and Warren Frank. I indicated an interest in proof that Cisneros/AMBANG-4 is behind a denigration program against the Agency (note: Rodriguez believed such a program did not exist.)." Rodriguez added: "I satisfied myself in talking with Tony Sforza that the AMOTS in general are politically opposed to the JURE and that the reporting of this group, to which AMTAUP-2 belongs, must be considered in light of its prejudices and lack of objectivity insofar as the JURE is concerned."


See this 11-29-62 memo, where "IDENS" (the Alanis brothers, Ernesto and Armando) visited the group UR (Unidad Revoutionario). There is also a reference to the rarely seen AMTAUP-1 making a similar visit. Two pages later, the Alanis brothers are identified as "IDENS". This suggests that Ernesto may be AMTAUP-1 and Armando may be AMTAUP-2.

180-10141-10251: No Title

Late July 1963: A-2 provided info that Ray met with Alanis and asked him to join JURE. Armando Alanis Angulo was "former chief of District of the Treasury in Camaguey province." Also note that on 10/15/63: "Jose (Gomez) Rodriguez, aka Cabeza, JURE member tells AMTAUP-2 that CIA officials from Washington, D.C. coming to Miami to finalize agreements with JURE. Also said JURE would never tell CIA exact landing sites on Cuban coast."


Alanis was part of the JURE Executive, AMTAUP-2 also claimed to be a member of the JURE Executive council.

1994.04.26.09:51:24:690005: Reel 52, Folder L - ELOY GUTIERREZ MENOYE.

"Armando Alanis Angulo and Osorio Davila Santana of JURE reported to the same group of Cuban emigres trained in the techniques of information collection..." JURE was actively involved in collecting information on JM/WAVE station activities during 1963.


9/14/63 memo: AMTAUP-2 and Rogelio Cisneros/AMBANG-4 were friends since 1956 when they were in July 26th movement fighting Batista in Camaguey. When JURE founded in late 1962, Cisneros asked A-2 to join. This date is when both Alanis and A-2 begin to appear in the CIA files. "Conversations usually take place privately with no one else present".

104-10269-10144: Results of Polygraph of Amtaup-2

A-2 was fluttered on 11/5/63 as a result of his comments. The interrogators concluded he was a truth teller and that "he has not personally made up false information about AMBANG-1."

104-10132-10185: assessment of information stemming from Cuban-American community in aftermath of assassination

11/21/63: Amtaup-2 reported that SNFE leader Manuel Rodriguez Orcarberro is "violently anti-Kennedy".


2/17/64 memo initialed by JMWAVE chief Ted Shackley to SAS Chief Des FitzGerald: This is the routing sheet that states "for the record" MOB/FI was not the one in charge of the AMTAUP file, as the practice was only to "follow TAUP-2 only as an AMOT". AMLIME-1 greeted AMTAUP-2 by his previous alias as "Alfonso", and states that he knew AMTAUP-2 used to work for KUBARK/CIA but doesn't believe he does anymore. AMBANG-4/Cisneros then assures AMTAUP-2 that he has been cleared from suspicion as a CIA agent, and offers him the job of chief of "intelligence and general security" for JURE, and that his position would be kept secret from all other AMBANG members. AMTAUP-2 reports that Armando Alanis Angulo was at the entire meeting and spoke in his defense! Told to meet with the meet with the AMBANG military chief, 201-291940, and come up with a plan to prevent moles from CIA or the Castro government(such as AMTAUP-2, who is a CIA mole!) from infiltrating AMBANG/JURE. (That chief was Manuel Varela Castro, see http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=21262&relPageId=2&search=%22201-291940%22)

1994.04.12.16:14:43:000005: Reel 26, Folder Q - JURE.

Jose Manuel Aguiar Fernandez is identified in this 2/26/64 memo as "chief of intelligence" for JURE. This can be explained by this earlier memo showing hat he had been chief of intelligence for JURE since Sept. 1963: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=75763&relPageId=2&search=Aguiar_AND%20INTELLIGENCE In late Feb., it was decided that Aguiar would be chief and that AMTAUP-2 would train him in intelligence and security. http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52706&relPageId=2&search=%22amtaup-2%22_AND%20INTELLIGENCE%20AND%20CHIEF In early May, Cisneros told Alanis that he would head JURE's military base in the Dominican Republic, while Aguiar would be replaced as intelligence chief by Billy "Chus" (phonetic). http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=67305&relPageId=2&search=%22jose_aguiar%22 At 6/9/64 meeting, "Armando Alanis' group discussed removal of Cisneros as only way it could remain with AMBANG organization." http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=67331&relPageId=2&search=%22amot-9%22

HSCA Segregated CIA Collection (staff notes): 180-10141-10251

3/17/64: "Cisneros told AMTAUP-2 that CIA had ordered personnel of AMWORLD (Artime's group) boats to fire on JURE boats and therefore Cisneros had instructed his crewmen to fire on AMWORLD boats wherever encountered." A month earlier, a routing sheet said "for the record" MOB/FI was not the one in charge of the AMTAUP file, as the practice was only to "follow TAUP-2 only as an AMOT": http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52687#relPageId=2&tab=page

124-10220-10332: No Title

3/31/64 from SA John Spurgers to Director: In a report dated 1/19/64, Armando Alanis Angulo is described as "the personnel chief of JURE".

1993.08.11.14:08:32:620006: Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook

4/64: Angulo says he won't work with JURE any more if Ray doesn't invade Cuba by 5/20/64.

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