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Cryptonym: AMTAFFY-1

Unknown identity. Possibly a female journalist/reporter.


09/20/65, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 2: ..."6. One Huber Matos JR., also connected with the group, who resides in New York, telephoned AMTAFFY-1 and told her of AMLEO-3's capture. AMTAFFY-1 was requested not to print the story as it could endanger AMLEO-3's life. AMTAFFY-1 reported that rumors are widespread in JMWAVE area that AMLEO-3 has been captured."


09/29/66, Cable: Sluglines TYPIC MHVIPER AMSCROLL: "1. Using discussed sensitive source info and overt data Station prepared study of Cuban misadventures in selling tinned and frozen lobsters to World Seafood distributors of (REDACTION). Article stressed late deliveries, shoddy Cuban business practises, improperly cooked meat, and ended on note that latest shipment of frozen lobster to World Seafood contained quantity rotten lobster which discovered only after six or seven hundred cartons had been distributed throughout (REDACTION). 2. Study released by AMSCROLL 26 Sept. AFP filed story 26 Sept and AMTAFFY-1 provided excellent coverage 29 Sept. Believe additional publicity these facts especially abroad will further exacerbate at least Cuba/REDACTION trade. Release and clip forwarded HQs. Also airmailing Paris, pouching Ottawa."


09/30/66, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to COS, Ottawa (Info: Chief, WH): "1. We forwarded by separate cover the AMSCROLL report, page 4 of which contains the study on Cuban (REDACTION) lobster trade discussed in the reference as well as a clip of the AMTAFFY-1 treatment of this study. It may be of interest to report that the mailing list routinely used for this and similar studies of this nature contains the following (REDACTION) firms: (REDACTION). 2. As part of the follow-up play Station of course would appreiavte any reaction from the (REDACTION) press or other sources. We will particularly appreciate being informed if it comes to the attention of Station Ottawa that the health authorities inspect, condemn, or otherwise take any action on these shipments."


09/30/66, Cable: Sluglines TYPIC MHVIPER AMSCROLL: "1. North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA) wishes distribute feature article based upon AMTAFFY-1 story described Ref A. Prior releasing article NANA has asked AMTAFFY-1 check further for more facts. In attempting this AMTAFFY-1 unable reach Sam Beiner though has spoken to Mrs. Beiner at Ref B number who confirms Beiner home also World Seafood Distributors office. She says Beiner not avaiable. As consequence both NANA and AMTAFFY-1 believe they on to big story and NANA has decided sit on material it now has until more background info on Beiner, World Seafood, and their methods of operation can be developed. 2. Request HQs and Ottawa traces Beiner and World Seafood with indications what can be passed AMTAFFY-1. From Ottawa also request any additional info on this subject, especially any deserved local reaction (Ref C lists seven (REDACTION) firms and agencies that received original AMSCROLL release about 28 Sept which may have generated (REDACTION) publicity). This info will be included in follow-up story mentioned para 3 Ref A. For obvious reasons please do not check with liaison. 3. For Paris: Will be happy include any angle you provide re (REDACTION) or others that may be dealing in Cuban lobsters."

Gavin McDonald

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