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Cryptonym: AMSTASH-1

Unknown identity. Exfiltrated illegally from Cuba to the U.S. in August 1962. Granted a POA in October 1962. UR asset.
Business school background in Cuba.


CIA document: ATTACHMENT B: Page 3: ...."B. AMSTASH-1: Business school background in preparation for a career in the produce business; wholesaler and salesman in Cuba prior to exfiltration in August 1962; used this occupation as cover for resistance activity; active in resistance with MRR and later UR where he was Coordinator for Action and Sabotage. JMWAVE facilitated subjects 'black' entry into U.S. then recruited him as a unilateral PM asset to be prepared for re-infiltration. Training was provided in tradecraft, map-reading, cacheing, GW, weapons, demolition, maritime reception and two-way S/W. A communication received from the resistance in Cuba advised AMSTASH-1 to remain in U.S. since his house was under surveillance by DSE. It is believed the UR resistance does not expect AMSTASH-1 to return to Cuba. After completion of his CIA training, subject observed the shortcomings of UR and other underground organizations with which he worked in Cuba. For reasons of operational security he has been safehoused to avoid contact with UR in exile, and considers himself a unilateral CIA agent. AMSTASH-1 does not plan to renew UR contacts after infiltration into Cuba, as he feels his former contacts may be contaminated, or too much risk would be involved in attempting to utilize them. JMWAVE plans re-infiltration of AMSTASH-1 as the leader of a two-man team with the following mission: 1. Collect intelligence on targets within his area of operation. 2. Recruit and train indigenous agents to collect 'hard' intelligence. 3. Report on the 'climate' relative to the resistance potential of the populace. 4. Recruit and train the nucleus for a resistance cadre. AMSTASH-1 was granted a POA on 5 October 1962: LCFLUTTER 8 September 1962; no deception noted. JMWAVE and FBI traces August-September 1962 rated him 'high average' by U.S. standards, and 'superior' by Cuban standards."


CIA document: ATTACHMENT A: Pages 40-41:...."4. Las Villas Province:..AMSTASH-1 reported in late August 1962 that the UR representatives in Las Villas were Humberto RODRIGUEZ and Ricardo HERNANDEZ. (62)...Page 41: 5. Camaguey Province:...The UR Coordinator for the Province was reported by AMSTASH-1 in August 1962 to be Ricardo CARVAJAL. (62)...6. Oriente Province:...AMSTASH-1 reported in late August 1962 that the UR leaders for Northern and Southern Oriente were Dr. Enrique MENENDEZ and Manolo MATAO Morales, respectively, both resident in Santiago de Cuba. (62).."


10/17/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 2: "3. Subject's search for radio operators resulted in four candidates by the end of the period. Two are beginning training, one was unsuitable and the other is currently closing out his job before entering training. Guillermo Mascaro, an AMDENIM-1 radop previously trained and held for use with the first UR exfiltree who would reinfiltrated, was called into service to join AMSTASH-1. This resulted in Mascaro's finally backing out, in his words, for want of U.S. policy and plans re Cuba, but in the C/O's opinion for want of courage, which belief was not withheld from him. The search for radops continued and AMDENIM-1 indicated at the end of the period that he had some eight further prospects including several women. They are currently being processed."


11/23/62, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline GYROSE KUWOLF: "1. Several compartmented ops being conducted unilaterally by WAVE FI and PM through UR assets AMSUM-1 and 2, AMBLEAK-1, AMSTASH-1, and loosely connected UR/AMDENIM-1. For umbrella type covering these and other potential UR ops without breaking compartmentation, UR exile org revitalized Sep 62 by WAVE PW as major prop mechanism. Using credentials of Salvador Garcia Oller from UR underground, exile exec committee reorganized under Jose F. Rodriguez Espada according WAVE suggestions to eliminate undesirables. Jose E. de La Torriente whose nominal post thereby abolished established own faction with several other dissidents and lobbied in exile community against new UR setup. This dissension has delayed UR entry into AMBUD which WAVE hopes will pave way further unity exiles. 2. FI ops through AMBLEAK-1 average $1,000 monthly, AMSUM-1 and AMSUM-2 cost about $500 per month. PM funding of underground UR plus ops expenses contacts with Salvador Garcia Oller $1,000 and maintenance AMSTASH-1 approx $150 monthly..."


11/28/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMSHATTER: "1. In S/W message written 4 Nov postmarked 22 Nov Mexico and received JMWAVE 27 Nov, AMSTASH-1 said he waiting our exfiltration instructions which he can receive by at-3 on cypher pad FPSAM. A-1 recommended (REDACTION) aka El Gallego long time member A-1 net to receive instructions and money. A-1 asked that portion salary being held ESCROW account be converted 11,400 pesos and sent Cuba cover cost father eye operation and family needs by 15 Dec. A-1 concluded message stating previous intelligence reports sent (unintelligible) instructions through embassy during his absence on trip Caibarien on October exfilitration attempt. 2. (REDACTION) not same Juan Bautista who implicated AMADDER Team. 3. Note this SW letter mailed in Mexico. Also received at WAVE (unintelligible) three plain text info reports from AMSTASH-1 apparently sent through same embassy channel. Although details this channel not revealed by A-1 prior his arrest, Ricardo and Angel believed cutouts to (unintelligible) in French Embassy. Vincente sends materials to Mexico where mailed. 4. Station does not intend send A-1's personal funds to him."

Gavin McDonald

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