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Cryptonym: AMSTALK-1

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Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue
He was a Cuban born JMWAVE agent that participated in multiple anti-Castro Agency operations. He led an AMTRUNK team on several operations in 1963.

104-10225-10008: AMSTALK-1

The document lists AMSTALK-1 is the assigned cryptonym of Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue.

104-10113-10239: WITHHELD

An CIA Office of Security memo that states AMSTALK-1 would be traveling from Argentina to the United States. AMSTALK-1 used the travel alias Juan Hidalgo Elizondo Romano, was used by the Agency operationally since 1961. Also see 104-10113-10209, documenting his return under that pseudonym.

104-10113-10224: WITHHELD

A memo that reaffirms the identity of AMSTALK-1 and that he would be travelling to Miami.

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