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Cryptonym: AMSLOUCH-1

Cuban businessman, trained in use of wireless telegraphy communications. Worked with CIA, may have become a double agent for Cuban intelligence.
Active in operations against Cuba as of November 22, 1963. Identity of this agent is unknown.

1993.08.04.16:55:12:060028: DIRECTOR CABLES, DIR 84470 - 84966.

Message from SAS/EDE on 11/22/63, asking for an encrypted message to be sent on 11/24. AMSLOUCH's 201-351947 number cited in the center of all this.

104-10308-10164: MEMO: AMSLOUCH PROJECT

"AMSLOUCH-1, honorary REDACTED in Cuba, trained in OWVL and SW

104-10308-10166: DATA SHEET ON AMSLOUCH

Described as "formerly AMREBEL, ()SLOUCH... businessman...A-1 passed 2-way WT set to REDACTED, probably member AMSAUCE net 7 June 64...it was not inconceivable that AMSLOUCH-1 may have been doubled by Cuban service following AMSAUCE flap."

180-10145-10326: 180-10145-10326

AMSLOUCH-1 identified here as 201-351947

Bill Simpich

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