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Cryptonym: AMSHED-1

Unknown identity. Brother-in-law of AMPAN-18, associate of AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez), Mitchell Livingston WerBell III, and Adolis Cobo.
A dispatch in June, 1964, stated that AMLEO-3 had borrowed money from AMSHED-1, and family relatives in the U.S., to support his wife's involvement in exfiltration attempts inside Cuba.


03/02/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Sluglines RYBAT TYPIC LITAMIL-9 AMLEO: "1. 1 March AMLEO-3 mentioned to C/O that AMSHED-1 just informed him that thru PAA channels he heard AMLEO-3's airplane mechanic and personal pilot, Oscar Torres of Ref, have not been molested by G-2 except for routine G-2 questioning after AMLEO-3's defection. Neither one was aware defection plan."


06/02/64, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 2: ..."2. Since November 1963, JMWAVE has noted in all AMLEO progress reports that Mrs. AMLEO-3 was dabbling in exfiltration attempts inside Cuba, and has also successfully managed to pry funds out of AMLEO-3 in attempts to buy her way into such efforts. As a result AMLEO-3 has borrowed money from AMSHED-1 and family relatives in the U.S. attempting to support his wife in these attempts, and is now in debt to these individuals to the tune of $4-5,000.00.."


09/20/65, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: "1. On 26 August 1965 AMSHED-1 advised JMWAVE that AMLEO-3 had been seeking a boat to go to Cuba to bring out his wife and children. AMLEO-3 had also asked AMSHED-1 to use his influence to get permission from AMSWIRL-1 to make the trip. AMCRACKLE-1, the middleman operating under JMWAVE instructions, advised against the proposed operation and told AMSHED-1 that JMWAVE would not attempt to obtain permission on behalf of AMLEO-3. AMCRACKLE-1 was further instructed to suggest that AMLEO-3 contact AMSWIRL-1 directly and request permission on his own. This is customary practise for exiles desiring to return to Cuba by boat to exfiltrate family members and friends. 2. Per Ref A AMLEO-3 with two compnainis departed 30 August 1965 for Cuba. Ref B explains that the trip was unsuccessful. Ref C advised of the subsequent attempt to bring out family members. 3. On 5 September 65 AMSHED-1 telephoned JMWAVE and volunteered the information that no word had been received from AMLEO-3 and his two companions and that AMSWIRL-1 had been asked to institute a search. AMSWIRL-1 allegedly replied that he could not institute a search, that only a higher authority could do so. therefore AMSHED-1 asked that a search be instituted with the Coast Guard. Since JMWAVE was not connected with the activity and in view of the approach of Hurricane Betsy, JMWAVE did not act on this report."


09/20/65, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 2: ..."4. At 2330 hours on 5 September AMSHED-1 received a phone call from Adolis Cobo, a member of AMLEO-3's group who remained in Miami. Adolis Cobo reported that he had spoken with Silvia, wife of AMLEO-3, by phone to Havana and she stated that AMLEO-3 and his two companions had been captured by GOC authorities. A-1 reported this to JMWAVE on 6 September and added that a search was no longer necessary. 5. Cobo immediately got in touch with Mitchell Livingston Wer Bell III, who is associated with AMLEO-3's group and who worked with AMLEO-3 in Santo Domingo. Mr. Wer Bell, allegedly an American citizen, advised AMSHED-1 to keep the news quiet....7. At 2130 hours 7 September AMSHED-1 reported details of a phone call from AMLEO-3. AMSHED-1 reported that on 6 September Cobo and Wer Bell would be at Les Violins Restaurant at 2000 hours to receive a phone call. The call was received at 2020 hours. AMLEO-3 advised Cobo via prearranged code that he was in a jam and was staying with friends. The conversation was recorded by Wer Bell. AMCRACKLE-1 asked AMSHED-1 for his opinion of the call in view of Silvia's conversation with Cobo two days earlier stating AMLEO-3 and his two companions had been captured. AMSHED-1 said that he felt Silvia was under DSE control as he was sure AMLEO-3 had not been captured and that she had been persuaded by the DSE to call his friends in Miami. AMCRACKLE-1 asked AMSHED-1 why AMLEO-3 had instructed Cobo to contact AMSHED-1 and through AMSHED-1, JMWAVE. AMSHED-1, denying any previous knowledge of the arrangement, replied that AMLEO-3 had no one else to contact and since JMWAVE had assisted him previously, apparently felt that JMWAVE would do so again. AMCRACKLE-1 pointed out to AMSHED-1 that AMLEO-3 had undertaken this venture on his own, that he was advised against it due to the risk invovled and, that AMLEO-3 had no connection with JMWAVE." (TO BE CONTINUED).


09/20/65, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 2: (CONTINUED): "7....AMSHED-1 stated that he had been told by AMLEO-3 that JMWAVE had promised him to get his family out of Cuba. According to AMSHED-1's version from AMLEO-3, JMWAVE had not kept its promise and had shown no interest in helping AMLEO-3 once he was in JMWAVE hands. AMSHED-1 was told that JMWAVE could not entertain a proposal to attempt an exfiltration of AMLEO-3. 8. AMSHED-1 reported that Wer Bell had been in touch with a Mr. Dick Phillips of ODACID (U.S. State Department) HQs. Mr. Phillips had advised Wer Bell that ODACID was studying the matter and that CIA had been informed. 9. The AMSHED-1, Adolis Cobo, Wer Bell group was expecting a second call from AMLEO-3 in Havana on the evening of 9 Sept. The call did not materialize. Subsequently Cobo and Wer Bell placed a call to Silvia, AMLEO-3's wife. The call went through at about 0700 10 Sept. When the Miami group asked about AMLEO-3 by his first two names the connection was precipitously cut. When a tracer was placed on the line the Havana operator informed the Miami callers that the phone was out of order. 10. AMSHED-1 asked if JMWAVE would reconsider an exfiltration operation to rescue AMLEO-3. AMSHED-1 was informed that JMWAVE was in position to do so, and it was noted that any action along this line might prejudice AMLEO-3's chances of remaining alive, as his only hope would seem to be to convince AMTHUG-1 that he was on a mission solely to bring out his wife, which was the case to our knowledge."


09/20/65, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 3: ...."12. On 8 September AMPAN-18, who is the brother-in-law of AMSHED-1, reported that AMSHED-1 had told him of the problems AMLEO-3 was having. However, nothing new was obtained from AMPAN-18's report. AMPAN-18 was advised that JMWAVE has no interest in AMLEO-3 and he was instructed not to pursue the case further. However, he was told to lend a sympathetic ear to his brother-in-law/AMSHED-1/ and report to his case officer any pertinent information regarding AMLEO-3's status."

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