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Cryptonym: AMSANTA

Joint FBI/CIA program to place willing FPCC members into Cuba to collect intelligence.
The program was initiated by the FBI as part of its effort targeting the FPCC as a subversive group and involved the CIA in briefing, debriefing and possibly monitoring travel of assets through Mexico City to and from Cuba. The program began in late 1962, had one major success in 1963 and appears to have been abruptly terminated in fall 63.

Someone Would Have Talked, by Larry Hancock, p. 113

from the book: This project used FBI informants to develop intelligence on Cuba and the Castro regime. We know little about the overall project but in July 1963, one such asset used his FPCC [Fair Play for Cuba] connections to obtain a visa from the Cuban government and to travel illegally to and from Cuba (apparently from Mexico City on Cubana airlines).

104-10308-10163: AMSANTA PROJECT

Page 4 of this document describes the project: "Coverage of Castro Communist regime through use of existing Communist Party and front penetration assets. File was opened in December 1962."

Larry Hancock

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