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Cryptonym: AMPATRIN

Michael "Jack" Malone, Vice President of Czarnikow-Rionda, a major sugar company with its headquarters in New York City. Malone was an important CIA and FBI informant.
Also referred to as AMPATRIN-1. Joan Mellen's book "The Great Game in Cuba" offers much background on Malone.

Larry Hancock, Someone Would Have Talked (2010), page 354

Michael "Jack" Malone was Vice President of Czarnikow-Rionda in New York City. In the late fifties, he was preventing the exposure and possible arrest of CIA undercover operative David Phillips. After Malone returned to New York, he "continued to be a frequent and major informant on Cuban affairs for both the FBI and the CIA, particularly regarding his personal friend Alberto Fernandez/AMDENIM-1.

124-10200-10179: No Title

4/19/62 FBI memo from SAC, NY to Director: Alberto Fernandez/AMDENIM-1 told Malone that "CIA wants ALBERTO to go back into operation and to bring certain Army and Navy personnel out of Cuba, bringing them to the United States." CIA wanted Fernandez to play a more active role in the anti-Castro movement and to assume greater authority with Unidad both in Cuba and in the United States.


12/63: AMDENIM-1 reported that AMPATRIN - one of his contacts in the Cuban Sugar Institute - was the source for info that the "A.G. Williams" company in Switzerland dropped out of the bidding for Cuban molasses, that A.G. Williams died in July-August 1963, and his attorney was threatening to sue the US, "attributing Williams' death to ODYOKE (US) pressure." One of the sluglines of the memo is MHVIPER - the US economic warfare program on Cuba.

104-10173-10197: DISPATCH: TYPIC /AMDENIM

6/19/64 letter from Malone to "Al" Rodemeyer (could this be "Al Rodriguez"/). Along with a formal proposal on how to use AMDENIM-1 was an enclosure of letters from AMDENIM-1 to Mr. Kleberg (note: the head of "King Ranch" where much of the sugar originally came from - see Joan Mellen, The Great Game in Cuba).

124-10301-10142: No Title

June 1962: "Our New York office had advised that it has received information from Michael J. P. Malone, vice president, Czarnikow Rionda Company, 106 Wall Street, New York City, to the effect that CIA has been in touch with (Alex) Rorke. Malone stated that he has personally brought Rorke's requests to the attention of CIA representatives in Washington, DC during the course of his contacts there."

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