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Cryptonym: AMPANIC-9

Wilfredo H. Brito Cartaya, one of the founders of the UR.
Why did David Phillips, (E.I. Harrison, the assistant chief of WH/4 propaganda), and Wilfredo Brito share the same pseudonym? See https://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52920&relPageId=2&search=%22E._I.%20HARRISON%22 Also see https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52123&search=%22abolish_death+sentences%22+AND+BILL+AND+EXTERNAL#relPageId=6&tab=page


1/13/61: DC/WH/4/PA D. Napoli's Memorandum for the Record: "On 10 January 1961 Mr. Cowgill of TSD (x2720) explained to the writer that he is on loan from his division to WH/4 to assist in setting up subtle sabotage procedures directed against the petroleum industries of Cuba. He explained that recently he met one of his contacts, a Wilfredo H. Brito Mederos, Jr., who is in charge of Sinclair Oil Company's oil transportation service in Cuba...Cowgill advised that he was leaving on 11 January for New York where he planned to talk to both Brito and (Rafael Diaz Hanscom) on sabotage matters and that he would be most happy to query Diaz along any lines in which we might be interested..." Also see 104-10225-10155: 8/4/61 Cowgill wrote a Memorandum for the Record: "My own personal contact with UR has been solely through Cubans who (with proper permission and coordination) have acted as principal agents on some of my own sabotage operations. They are Ralph Diaz Hanscomb (AMGLAD-1), Wilfredo Brito Hanscomb, Fernando F. Cabada, Jr. (AMBLEAK-1) All three of these men are among the top leaders of the UR."


05/19/61, CIA cable, JMWAVE-BELL: Page 3: …C. Wilfredo Brito, Chief of PW Section of UNIDAD. His father is a lawyer for Sinclair Oil. Believe he may be IDEN with subject of Ref C……


10/3/61 Memorandum for the Record by Calvin Hicks: Those at the Sept 22-29 meeting with Hicks and Pekich included Fernando Cavada using the name Frank Dutton and Wilfredo Brito using the name E. I. Harrison. Cavada was the head of public relations. Brito was the head of propaganda. "They were told that they must make an effort to get along with Miro Cardona and even though they may not like him they must try to cooperate with him and work with him and/or have him work for them rather than fight him." It appears that David Phillips, (E.I. Harrison, the assistant chief of WH/4 propaganda), and Wilfredo Brito shared the same pseudonym. See https://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52920&relPageId=2&search=%22E._I.%20HARRISON%22 Also note that Brito was in charge of Sinclair's "oil transportation service in Cuba" as of 1/13/61 and that his friend Rafael Diaz Hanscom was planning to engage in sabotage against the oil transportation service. Also known as Wilfredo H. Brito Cartaya aka "Bebo": https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52123#relPageId=4&tab=page


12/18/61, CIA memorandum for the record. Subject: PHONE CALL FROM AMPANIC-9 CONCERNING MIRO CARDONA 1. AMPANIC-9 called from the Miami area about 0930 hours, 18 December 1961 stating that Miro CARDONA would be out as Council President. AMPANIC-9 wanted to know if we were interested in all the details and the undersigned replied "yes." However, AMPANIC-9 was asked to give them to Peters directly ASAP, which he said he would. 2. AMPANIC-9 said the $64,000 question is who will replace Miro. He said various meetings are going on and he would keep Peters informed. CALVIN W. HICKS WH/4/PM

104-10226-10426: REORGANIZATION OF UR

05/18/62, CIA cable, DIR-JMWAVE (Orig: C. W. Hicks, Unit: TFW/PM): CONF: TFW 10 INFO: DDP, CI/OPS, S/C 2 PRIORITY WAVE GYROSE 1. AMPANIC-9 contacted HQs via phone from the Georgia area on 17 and 18 May 1962 re an individual (name unknown) who supposedly had just come out from Cuba with info on the reorganization of the UR. 2. A-9 confirmed he could still contact Peters, was told to do so re above info and we would alert Peters who would handle same. 3. FYI: No further details known. This may be of real interest re "Classical UR" or the "New UR" which has been reported to include the MRR, MRP and other major groups. This also could just be an attempt by A-9 to get back on our payroll since ODENVY hampered his independent actions. END OF MESSAGE

180-10145-10158: 180-10145-10158

October 1962: Summary of AMPANIC-9 CIA cables show that AMPANIC-9 was in contact with CIA operatives Calvin Hicks, William Cowgill and Dominique Pantleon ("Peters")*. In addition, an October 1962 CIA cable stated that AMPANIC-9 was a charter member of the Unidad Revolucionaria, and was related to AMBLEAK-1 (the CIA cryptonym for Estaban Joaquin Blanco Sanchez, an official of Rescate. Also known as Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris, an official of UR, and Frank Dutton (MFF), by marriage. Furthermore, AMPANIC-9 seems to have regularly given anti-Communist lectures to civic groups in the United States. AMPANIC-9 was also active, along with Rafael Diaz Hanscomb, in contacting Sinclair Oil and the CIA, in requesting assistance for the UR. *See 180-10145-10158, 04/11/78, Page 16:


10/18/62, CIA cable, JMWAVE-DIR: DIR CITE WAVE 9984 GYROSE AMPANIC-9 REF DIR 29839 (OUT 65769)* 1. AMPANIC-9 claim of KUBARK request for his services probably misinterpretation or willful exaggeration correspondence with AMBLEAK-1 re Unidad Revolucionaria. A-9 who charter member UR and related by marriage to A-1 witting KUBARK previous connection with both. 2. A-9 visited A-1 WAVE area 5 Oct and introduced to case officer at own request. Discussion resulted in agreement A-9 would return Atlanta where he often gives anticommunist lectures civic groups. In declining fees as usual A-9 will provide sponsors opportunity to buy UR bonds. Pittance realized will help maintain fiction UR self-supporting. END OF MESSAGE C/S Comment: *HQs stated Mr. William Cowgill contacted by Sinclair Oil who advised AMPANIC-9 received a request from WAVE re KUBARK reemployment.


Wifredo H. Brito Cartaya is identified as 201-283372 (seen nowhere on MFF). Aliases include Bebo, Martin, Cartaya, and J. B. Harrison. "Former national propaganda coordinator UR, Cuba; used his contact with Sinclair Oil Co. to obtain help for UR prior Apr 61 via 'Bill Billings'; reimbursed by (CIA) Nov 61 for money obtained in Cuba to pay for plane fare to US for UR asylees; considered for infil op late 61, but told Bowdin could not go because of family and exec position in UR exile group; Jan 62 used as instructor in security practices to PM boat crews; REDACTED on own initiative solicited funds from New York and Boston firms (United Fruit?); (FBI) check indicated funds apparently not for UR; considered Aug 62 for position in new UR Exec Bd as Prop Secy or AMBUD delegate."


01/16/63, CIA dispatch, COS, JMWAVE-Chief, Task Force W. Subject: UNIDAD REVOLUCIONARIA; DEVELOPMENT AS PROPAGANDA MECHANISM AND COVER FOR UNILATERAL OPERATIONS Page 5: ….17….. Nonetheless, financial cover has been given close attention by JMWAVE and the UR inner circles. "UR Bonds" are printed in several denominations and are used for the solicitation of contributions. AMPANIC-9, who is often called on by civic groups in the U.S. to give anti-Communist lectures, refuses to accept a fee, offering instead to let the sponsor contribute to the cause through the purchase of the UR bond. Through the cooperation of San Juan Station the services of SKEWER-1 have been provided as a backstop for substantial and regular contributions. By means of official leaks, this fiction has gained some acceptance even among some of the lesser members of the UR executive committee, but further measures in this direction are necessary…..

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