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Cryptonym: AMPALM-10

Angel Ros, national coordinator of the MRR


5/10/60 cable from Havana to Director: "AMPAL-1, who is old friend of Lino Hernandez, MRR Sec of Discipline and Control, has been in frequent contact with him over AMPALM-10 exfiltration problem...Brazil ambassador sympathetic to MRR but unlikely (to) cooperate further since feels that he and few other ambassadors bearing brunt of exile trade while others shirking their duty. AMPALM-10 and Aquiles Chinea in Brazil Embassy. Chinea has "safe conduct" and will leave soon. AMPALM-10 is having difficulty obtain(ing) one. Padres Guzman, Arollo (possibly Arroyo), Posada, and Ros under command of Lino Fernandez. Guzman is courier to Brazil Embassy."

104-10192-10145: CABLE RE CONTACTS

5/19/60 cable from Havana to Director: "Officer mentioned paragraph 5 (Havana 4153) is Walter H. Gebaide, station officer, who was in contact with Angel Ros, former secretary general of MRR, who was in Brazil Embassy with Chinea. On 12 May wife (of) Chinea came (to embassy) asking for Gebaide with message from Raul Gonzalez, pseudo used by Ros. In view (of) possible provocation another station officer who talked to wife who asked only that AMBIDDY (Artime) and AMCHIRP-1 (Ramon Barquin) be informed Chinea on way to Brazil."

1994.06.02.15:07:15:780005: Reel 61, Folder B - UNIDAD REVOLUTIONARIA.

Angel Ros, also known as "Guilin", "supposedly organized the MRR back in 1959; then he had a falling-out and his element, known as the MRRC, supposedly broke with the MRR several months before the invasion and worked with the UR...it soon became apparent that with 'Francisco' gone and the evident confused leadership of the MRR, that Guilin thought this would be the opportune time to attempt to regain control of the MRR...Iat page 92): During Sept. 1961 there were meetings with "Mr. Hicks" aka Cal Hicks and Jim Pekich with Angel Ros aka "Guilin" and others, including Fernando Cabada aka Frank Dutton/AMBLEAK-1, Wilfredo Brito aka E. I. Harrison, and Andres Zayas aka "Justo".

Bill Simpich

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