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Cryptonym: AMOTIN-117

Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue. A memorandum in March of 1968 stated that AMOTIN-117 was formerly AMSTALK-1, with a 201 number of 201-307337.
Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue was also AMICE-14, and AMCHALK-5. This document shows that Diaz was AMSTALK-1, and hence AMOTIN-117: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=47261&search=201-307337#relPageId=2&tab=page In addition, a cable in February, 1968, stated that AMOTIN-117 was assigned to the AMOT CI/CE office. However, a cable in April, 1968, stated that this employment did not materialize.

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

02/14/68: Cable: Slugline AMOT: "1. Request amendments OA of AMTERRY-1 (AMOTIN-116, salary $424 per month) AMSTALK-1 (AMOTIN-117, salary $424 per month). Both assigned AMOT CI/CE office. 2. Above to replace AMOTIN-28, ANTOIN-62, and AMOTEX-15 who left AMOT organization in January, and also AMOTIN-8 (assigned to Station (REDACTION) and AMOTIN-33 (assigned to Station (REDACTION) who no longer on AMOT organization T/O."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

03/06/68: Memorandum from David A. Phillips, C/WH/COG: Subject: AMOTIN-117 (Formerly AMSTALK-1) 201-307337: "1. It is requested that Subject's OA be amended to include his use as a reporting asset with the AMOT organization in the JMWAVE area. 2. An up-to-date PRQ Part II and Green List Check will follow."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

04/01/68: Cable: Slugline RYBAT REDTOP AERONAUT AETARGET TECHS: "1. Please cancel cryptonym AMOTIN-117. Prospective employment by AMOTS (JMWAVE 1064) did not materialize. Regret failure notify HQs earlier. Will continue using AMSTALK-1. 2. Per para 2 reference, physical description subject follows: Height 5' 11", weight 165 lbs, medium frame, wiry build; light skin, clear complexion; eyes black, hair black, straight...3. Photos and signatories will be forwarded separately. Believe (REDACTION) documentation even better than (REDACTION)."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

04/03/68: Cable: Slugline RYBAT REDTOP AERONAUT AETARGET TECHS: "1. As mentioned JMWAVE 1802 (IN 76557) AMOTIN-117 (Handwritten: 201-307337) (formerly AMSTALK-1) holds Cuban passport. HQs concerned re possibility AMOTIN-117 true name travel may draw unwanted attention view Cuban IS knowledge his identity and past activities, including contacts in JMWAVE area. It also possible (REDACTION) may have access to airline manifests which would reveal AMOTIN-117 entry if he travels in true name. Request therefore station advise (REDACTION) capability provide (REDACTION) passport in alias which could be passed to AMOTIN-117 for his use in travel to (REDACTION) if this not feasible HQs can document AMOTIN-117 with (REDACTION) passport..."

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