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Cryptonym: AMOT-57

Manuel del Valle Caral. Captured at the end of December 1962 with Cameron Perez in Cuba.
There is a slight difference in the 201 number assigned to Manuel del Valle Caral in CIA documents in 1961 and 1979. However, it is likely that one was a mistake as they are both similar.

104-10074-10380: CABLE RE WAVE PLANS

9/5/61: Memo that identifies Manuel del Valle Canal as AMOT-57. 09/05/61, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline JMZIP KUCAGE: "1. WAVE plans start across board training AMHINT infils by 8 September as following: ...B. Manuel del Valle Caral. DPOB: Havana, 19 September 1940. Father: Manuel. Mother: Florentina. 201-292178. POA granted 2 March 1961 (AMOT-57)..." Training with AMOT-53 (Julio Jane Argudia), AMHINT-26 (John Koch Gene), AMHINT-27 (Manuel Baro Esteva), AMFAST-13 (Vicente Vasquez Dominguez...AMHINT-28 (Angel A. Fontanills y Miguel)...Luis Cowan Fernandez...AMHINT-21, request POAs subjects A thru G and assignment AMHINT crypto upon completion training...(as matters progress) AMHINTs will require materiel support consisting agit/prop materials, small amounts demo and time devices, portable presses, commo equip, docs and funding..."

124-90139-10121: No Title

10/16/61 FBI memo from Sam Papich to R. O. L'Allier: "...CIA furnished the identities of Cuban exiles who were being used by that agency on various operations directed against the present Cuban government. Included on this list were the names of Manuel del Valle Caral and Julio Jane Argudia (AMOT-53). We have since received information from our New Orleans office indicating that these two individuals have been attempting to recruit Cuban students in the New Orleans area. This recruitment allegedly is related to operations being planned against the Castro government. Caral and Argudia allegedly have made statements to the effect that they have the backing of the US government. On October 13, 1961, the Liaison Agent informed REDACTED and Mrs. Jane Roman, CIA, concerning the activities of these two Cubans and pointed out that they could easily get involved in a technical violation of the impersonation statutes. REDACTED stated that the two Cubans definitely were not authorized to make such representations and he was immediately taking steps to ensure there would not be any recurrence of such activity."

Fabian Escalante, pp. 145-146

William Harvey met with several of these agents during the early days of 1962, to personally instruct them in the tasks they were to carry out. These included Manuel Guillot Castellanos (AMBRONC-5), Julio Hernandez Rojo (AMOT-99), Esteban Marquez Novo (probably AMBANTY-1, head of what was called AMCOBRA in 1962, Felix Rodriguez (present for Che's death), Eugenio Martinez (the Watergate burglar), Clemente Inclan Werner, Luis Hernandez Rocha (AMHINT-53), Miguel and Ramon Orozco, Alberto del Busto, Pedro Cameron and Manuel del Valle...Guillot, Marquez Novo, Fernandez Rocha, Cameron and Del Valle would be infiltrated into Cuba to organize the counterrevolution, while the rest would take charge of marine supply. Of all of them, the greatest hope was placed in Guillot Castellanos." (pp. 145-146)

(2004) Fabian Escalante, The Secret War (p. 137)

...."On November 14 (1962), agents Cameron Perez and Manuel del Valle Caral left Florida aboard the Rex, under the command of Captain Alejandro Bru, and landed at El Aserradero. Shortly thereafter, on December 28, the spies were arrested in a joint operation by Cuban State Security and the Rebel Army; their weapons were confiscated, and the subversive plans of the CIA were once again frustrated. (6)" Report from the DSE, 1962.


06/13/79, Memo from Deputy Director for Operations to FBI: Page 3: Attachment to CIR 316/0223Z-79: "Alberto Del BUSTO Hernandez (201-313128). Armando Del BUSTO Hernandez (201-731350). Dr. Andres CAO Mendiguren (201-872690). Enrique CASUSO Perez (201-278749). Manuel Del VALLE Caral (201-291278)..."

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