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Cryptonym: AMOT-5

Pedro Diaz Lanz, also known as QDBIAS. David Morales helped exfiltrate him from Cuba in 1959, and used him as a source thereafter. Diaz had been head of the Cuban Air Force.
Other indicators are that the focus here is on naval intelligence. AMOT-6 is almost certainly Marcos Diaz Lanz, the young brother, also focused on naval intelligence. It stands to reason the older brother would be given the earlier number.

124-10294-10141: No Title

Correlation of FBI records: Pedro Diaz Lanz was among Frank Fiorini and a group of eleven Cubans total who were arrested on 11/23/58 in an attempt to send arms to Cuban rebels of Fidel Castro from Mexico; p. 10: in 1958-59 was active with CRAC (Crusade of Revolutionaries Against Communism) with Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo and his attorney cousin Francisco Maria Rodriguez Couciero and defected in mid-1959; p. 19: Fiorini defected from Cuba following Diaz Lanz's defection.

124-90076-10162: No Title

7/18/60 memo from SAC/WFO to Director, FBI: In the midst of many redactions, it looks like Pedro Diaz Lanz and his brother Marcos were involved at one point in selling Bell helicopters to the Castro government. After a reference to Pedro's financial plight, "REDACTED was a possibility that PEDRO DIAZ LANZ could be of service to the US government...REDACTED the State Department, one William Wieland, made a flat refusal to see DIAZ LANZ. REDACTED CIA showed a definite lack of interest in DIAZ LANZ. REDACTED of whether DIAZ LANZ was ultimately contacted by CIA on this occasion...the day could conceivably come when Bell Aircraft would again be dealing with PEDRO DIAZ LANZ in the sale of their aircraft."


6/20/61 memo from Stanley Zamka, Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD. On the same day that AMOT-6 was providing reports about Cuban exile naval personnel, AMOT-5 reported that "former naval captain Manuel Martinez Illas, a graduate of the Cuban Naval Academy, furnished information...concerning the union of members of the pre-revolutionary Cuban navy now exiled in Miami...(meetings) are being held by other former officers and enlisted men of the Cuban navy in exile, in the Navy offices located at 1649 Northeast Ninth Avenue, Miami. The object of these meetings is to create a true unity among all former members of the Cuban Navy." They would then choose a provisional chief of the Navy and report to AMBUD or whatever future leadership organization was created. Also in Zamka's memo: 6/20/61 memo from Stanley Zamka, Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD. "On 27 May 1961 AMOT-6 reported that the Cuban Navy in Exile has been very active recently and it is rumored that there is a cayo (key) where a base is being put into operation. Taking part in this operation are Renato Diaz Blanco and Nino Diaz. (AMNORM-1)...1313 Northeast 8th Avenue, Miami, Florida...is the location of Nino Diaz's personnel...persistent rumors in Naval circles that engineer Carlos Hevia of AMBUD will assume full naval control...naval personnel feel he is not a cheap politician like AMDIP-1 and other members of AMBUD... (AMOT-6 was told that meetings) are being held b the new offices of Naval Intelligence are going to be moved to 128th Street and 77th Avenue, the house used for the training of the AMFASTS."


7/23/62 cable OUT 57734 from TFW/CI Richard Tansing x 5874 to Director of FBI, DIA, Dept. of State Security, ACSI, ONI, OSI...reference is made to OUT 55026, dated 7/16/62, "reference reported that subject, according to a fairly reliable source who has been involved in previous leaflet operations against Cuba has scheduled his next overflight for 26 July 1962. This same source has reported additional information as follows on subject's recent activities. (Marginalia then states "CARDED". On 6/21/62 subject delivered to Pedro Diaz Lanz an quantity of weapons including 57 mm recoilless rifles several automatic weapons and a considerable amount of ammunition." Authenticating officer CI/LIA Cal Tenney; Releasing officer William Harvey.


CIA cable states "on 1/12/64 Frank Fiorini said he had been informed by Eduardo (Johnny) Diaz that his half-brother Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz was working with Felipe Vidal Santiago on a projected raid which was to originate from the Miami area. (Field comment: Vidal Santiago has been reported to be a leading official in the FULN - United Front of National Liberation).

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