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Cryptonym: AMNUBA-2

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AMNUBA-2 was Anibal Garcia Diaz. Anibal Garcia's 201 number matches that of AMNUBA-2 (201-730168).
Anibal Garcia was probably mentioned in a CIA document on tests given to a group of twenty Cuban exile paramilitaries (PM) in November of 1964. AMHINT-56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez) was prominent in this group. Among those who scored the rating of "Very High" was a (first name unknown) Menendez, A. Garcia (as stated above probably Anibal Garcia) and a M. Garcia (possibly a brother or other relation of AMNUBA-2).

Garcia was captured during an infiltration mission into Cuba in August of 1967, and was shot in the arm. Anibal Garcia allegedly stated he joined the CIA in June of 1963, and had a brother who was in prison in Cuba, while his father had served a prison sentence in that country. After being captured Garcia served a prison sentence in Cuba.

Garcia was one of the CIA agents or assets who were exposed by AMHINT-56, along with AMNUBA-1, -3 and -4, and others.

In terms of the 1965 CIA document mentioned above, the name of (first name unknown/fnu) Sajeda appeared in the "High" category for non-verbal intellectual abilities. This was possibly Juan Sajeda. A FBI report in June of 1969 from Miami stated that a source of Lazaro Eddy Espinosa Bonet believed that Juan Sajeda was in the Dade County Prison at that time. In a FBI report from Miami in February, 1972, Juan Sejada's name was among a list of Cubans in the Miami area who were believed to have been connected with the CIA. The list also contained the names of Luis Posada (AMCLEVE-15/CIFENCE-4); Pedro Diaz (QDBIAS); Dionisio Pastrana (AMSEED-3); and Nino Diaz (AMNORM-1).


01/06/65: CIA document: ..."COMMENTS: 1. Subject was one of twenty members of a PM group who were given brief psychological assessments on 16-17 November 1964. They took a group battery of ability tests, checked personality questionnaires, and were individually interviewed for up to an hour. 2. The test battery consisted of a series of measures of non-verbal intellectual abilities, involving principally the perception of relationships between objects and symbols and the manipulation of numbers and numerical concepts. On the attached sheet, Subject's name appears on a scale which shows his performance relative to other Cubans tested to date..." - - - Page 3: "ATTACHMENT: GROUP TEST RESULTS (PM GROUP): November 1964: The chart below indicates the relative standing of each of twenty members of a PM group on a series of tests of non-verbal intellectual abilities. Lines separating the scale into 'Very High, 'High' etc. are subject to some shifting as data on Cuban groups continues to be collected. Menendez. Garcia, A. (note: probably Anibal Garcia - AMNUBA-2). Garcia, M: VERY HIGH. Sajeda. Gonzalez. Guerra: HIGH. Ortiz. La Osa. Blanco. Pascual. Cantero. Mendoza. Vallabriga. Lista. Bango. Azpeitia. Infante: AVERAGE. Cordero. Collazo. Fernandez: LOW." (Note: none in VERY LOW category).


12/13/66: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WOBONE: "1. Forwarded herewith are the following SGSWIRL reports with below list of IRD numbers, 201 numbers and cryptograms: ...IRD NUMBERS: (#55463), 201 NUMBERS: (-730168), CRYPTS: AMNUBA/2..."


08/10/67: ..."LASO Plenary Session...The captured CIA agents are Anibal Carlos Garcia Diaz and Daniel Raul Garcia Casanas. The counterrevolutionary Garcia Diaz was wounded in the arm when he offered resistance at the time of his capture..." - - - Page 2: ..."They added that the capture had taken place in Dimas on the north coast of Pinar del Rio and that one of the prisoners had been wounded in the arm when he put up resistance and that the other two had managed to escape. The prisoner, Anibal Carlos Garcia, was then presented...he said that before he had been captured he had completed eight infiltration missions into Cuba to conceal or cache equipment in Pinar del Rio and Cayo Buena Vista. He also said that the groups of infiltration commandos has been commanded by revolutionary Villafana. He said he had left the country in March 1962 via Iberia Airlines en route to Spain. He had then gone to Washington and later to Miami. Prisoner Garcia Diaz said he had joined the CIA in June 1963 and that he had made contact earlier with the Central Intelligence Agency in the office of a counterrevolutionary movement he had visited in Miami. He said the CIA had given him radiotelegraph training for six months and that the CIA had later trained him in demolition, weapons and their disassembly, and had given him other instructions in subversion...Prisoner Garcia Diaz said his parents were in Spain and that his father had been convicted in Cuba and sentenced to three years in prison for crimes against the revolutionary authority, and that, after serving two and a half years, he had left for Spain. He said that he also had a brother who was in prison in Cuba because of crimes against the Cuban state. Garcia Diaz' father formerly engaged in business in Santiago de Cuba."


01/22/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: "DAMAGE REPORT: Name: AMHINT-56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez)...Indigenous Agent Personnel Exposed...AMNUBA-1, 2, 3, and 4."

104-10062-10065: WITHHELD

06/23/69: FBI report from Miami: Titled: Lazaro Eddy Espinosa Bonet (handwritten: 201-816438): Internal Security - Cuba: Page 4: ..."JUAN SAJEDA: Source told Espinosa that Sajeda was in the Dade County Prison at the present time."

124-90158-10040: No Title

02/10/72: FBI report from Miami: Titled: Cuban Intelligence Activities in the United States: Internal Security - Cuba: Pages 24-25: ..."Names of several Cubans known to have resided in the Miami area and believed to have been operated by CIA were mentioned to source with negative results. These names are as follows..."Juan Sajeda..." - - - Note: This list contained the names of Luis Posada (AMCLEVE-15/CIFENCE-4); Pedro Diaz (QDBIAS); Dionisio Pastrana (AMSEED-3); and Nino Diaz (AMNORM-1).


02/21/80: Cable from Director to LA/Miami: "1. Below is a status report on contacts with ex-prisoners being contacted in relation to the (REDACTION) activity: A. As of 13 February 1980, those paid-off with no further claims are: ...Anibal Garcia Diaz: 201-730168..."

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