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Cryptonym: AMNUBA-1

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Unknown identity. AMNUBA-1 was a commando and radio operator in the AMLILAC ("Commando Groups" - Comandos Mambises and others, involved in infiltrations into Cuba) group.
AMNUBA-1 took part in Operation Zorro, a caching operation in support of AMLASH-1. AMNUBA-1 resigned at the end of August 1964 from AMLILACs because he wanted to take part in more infiltration operations against Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba. A September 1964 CIA dispatch noted that AMNUBA-1 might attempt to join the AMWORLD Project.

AMNUBA-1 was one of the CIA agents or assets exposed to AMHINT-56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez). Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales) was one of CIA's personnel exposed to AMNUBA-1. Morales was Chief/PM (paramilitaries) at JMWAVE during part of the 1960's.

AMNUBA-2 was Anibal Garcia Diaz.

104-10234-10308: CABLE: PASSENGER; 5 (CACHE TEAM)

05/08/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE ZORRO: "A. AMLILAC: B. Passengers: 5 (Cache Team): AMLILAC-24, AMLILAC-18, AMLILAC-26, AMNUBA-1, AMLITAIN-1 (P/A will remain on Neptune). Cargo: 250 lbs ammo, weapons. C. Operational Craft - Neptune - 54 ft equity water taxi, dark green hull, medium green superstructure..."


08/31/64: AMNUBA-1 Agent Service Record: "Agent cryptonym or pseudo: AMNUBA-1. Agent recruited by: Aubrey K. Paukert. Capacity in which agent used: Radio operator in Commando Group. Rate of Pay: $130.00 per month. Other Commitment: None. Agent dismissed by: AMLITAINT-1. Reason Terminated: Subject resigned from group. Stated that he wished more action and wanted to join infil team. Security risks: None, unless captured in infil mission. Agent recommended for use: Yes. Manner of dismissal: Verbal by AMLITAINT-1. Letter of termination signed? No."


09/17/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "1. AMNUBA-1 resigned from the AMLILACs effective 31 August 1964. An Agent Service Record and a Damage Report are attached. 2. AMNUBA-1 was a well-trained commando and radio operator with a good record in the AMLILAC group. He was a hard worker, was well motivated, and was well-suited for a commando role. He became disillusioned with the operational inactivity of the AMLILACs and reluctantly resigned. 3. There is little doubt that he will seek employment with some exile group that will offer him the action he seeks. It is possible that he will attempt to join AMWORLD. Due to the fact that Subject participated in Operation ZORRO, a caching operation in support of AMLASH-1 and not yet recovered, it is necessary that Subject be held in PBPRIME until it is determined if the cache is to be recovered. This hold will also provide a cooling off period in terms of information he possesses relating to the AMLILACs."


09/17/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "DAMAGE REPORT: Name: AMNUBA-1. Indigenous Agent Personnel Exposed: AMLILAC Group, AMSHRUG-1. KUBARK (CIA) Personnel Exposed:...Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales): Known as Dr. Miranda...Indigenous Instructors Exposed: AMSWING-1 - known as Charlie; AMHINT-18 (probably George Nobregas) - known as George; AMHINT-19 (probably Raul Villaverde) - known as Raul; AMPULP-2 - known as Jerry; AMPHODARCH - known as Dave."


01/22/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: "DAMAGE REPORT: Name: AMHINT 56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez)...Indigenous Agent Personnel Exposed: AMLILAC Group Members, AMANCHOR (probably an elite CIA team of anti-Castro Cubans involved in Underwater Demolition Team - UDT - or "frogmen" operations) Group Members, HERMES Team Members, AMNUBA-1, 2 (Anibal Garcia Diaz), 3, and 4."

Gavin McDonald

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