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Cryptonym: AMMUG-1

Cuban intelligence officer named Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez, who defected to U.S. via Canada in April 1964, and was interrogated about Oswald in addition to other matters.


05/20/64, Memorandum for the record from Harold F. Swenson, Chief, WH/SA/CI: "1. The apartment at (REDACTION) Blvd., Alexandria, Virginia was rejected because it has been exposed to the following CIA staffers and agent assets: a. Mr. Dolf Luim with AMDIXIE-1 a Cuban who is the (REDACTION) and lives in (REDACTION). b. Mr. (REDACTION) with AMTOUT a principal agent in New York. c. (REDACTION) with AMCASH who is in New York. d. Lou De Santi with AMNIP-1 and Dr. Winston. 2. Due to the foregoing we find it necessary to request that another apartment be secured for AMMUG-1."


06/16/64, Memorandum for the record from Vivian A. Petrowki: "1. The undersigned called Mr. (REDACTION) of the Safehouse Procurement Section on 15 June 1964 to arrange for the Safehouse for AMMUG-1 at (REDACTION) 8484. 2. Mr. (REDACTION) called on the morning of 16 June 1964 to say that a deposit had been placed on Apartment (REDACTION) at (REDACTION). 3. Security has been notified and the apartment is now being checked. If everything goes well Mr. Roger Shea, Attorney in Arlington, Virginia will sign the lease beginning 01 July 1964. The lease will be for Vladimir Rodriguez Lahera."

104-10054-10412: DEBRIEFING OF AMMUG-1

05/08/64, Memorandum from Harold F. Swenson, Chief, WH/SA/CI to Chief, Counter Intelligence Staff (Attention Mr. Rocca) SUBJECT General: Debriefing of AMMUG-1. Specific: The Oswald Case...

Mary's DB AMMUG-1 entry

"Record: AMMUG-1. Sources: CIA Box 3, Vol 3, Doc 02710 (MMF 789); CIA Box 6, Folder 8 (MMF 473); CIA Box 7, Folder 2 (MMF 265); CIA Box 7, Folder 5, Doc 03370 (MMF 253); CIA Box 7, Folder 10, Docs 03045, 03046, 03049, 03051, 03053, 03055, 03056, 03058 (MMF 86-102); CIA Box 12, Folder 10, Doc 3357 (MMF 1095-1099); HSCA Reel 19, Box 12, Folder J, K, L (AMKW 14); HSCA Reel 20, Box 13, Folder J, K, L (AMKW 15); HSCA Reel 21, Box 14, Folder B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J (AMKW 15); HSCA Reel 22, Box 15, Folder A, B, C, D, E - OPS, F Folder 40, G Folder 39, H Folder 38, I Folder 37 (#16), J Folder 37 (#15), K Folder 36, L Folder 35, M Folder 34, N Folder 33, O Folder 32, P Folder 31, Q Folder 30, R Folder 29, S Folder 28, T Folder 27, U Folder 26, V Folder 25, W Folder 23, X Folder 24, Y 'ZAPOTE CASE' Folder 22, Z 'ROMEO CASE' Folder 21 (AMKW 16); HSCA Reel 22, Box 15, Folder AA 'VALLADARES CASE' Folder 20, Folder BB Folder 19, Folder CC, Folder DD, Folder EE, Folder FF, GG, HH, II, JJ (AMKW 17); HSCA Reel 48, Box 26, Folder Z (AMKW 26); HSCA Reel 60, Box 33, Folder D (AMKW 33). Mary's Comments: 201-749651. DGI. AMMUG-1 identified individuals in Volume 1 of the Cuban Mugbook for the CIA. 27-year-old Cuban Intelligence Officer who defected in Canada April 21, 1964."


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