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Cryptonym: AMLEO-3

Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez, "a high-level defector who escaped from Cuba in an INRA plane on 6 December 1962."
In 1964 he said he was desperate to rescue his family and was no longer willing to rely on the CIA. 104-10308-10062. His wife was Silvia Rabel. By 1966, after he was recaptured in 1965, Al Burt/AMCARBON-1 offered to write an article about his plight. Mitch WerBell went to the CIA on his behalf. It looks like he was actually a double agent. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=12316&search=vidal#relPageId=2&tab=page

104-10308-10059: MFR : AMLEO OPERATION

LAD/JFK Task Force memo in 1977: AMLEO was "an FI propaganda operation involving the exploitation of Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez (AMLEO-3) a high-level defector who escaped from Cuba in an INRA plane on 6 December 1962. In February 1962 Rabel claimed that he had high-level anti-Communist contacts in the GOC (who he refused to name) who would listen to Rebel Army exiles but would take no positive action with them unless they demonstrated their power by eliminating Fidel or carrying out other strong action that would prove they had strong outside backing. Researcher comment: Seems possible that Rabel may have been CIS provocation agent whose mission was to convince the CIA or some exile group to try to undertake a plot to assassinate Fidel."


Sept. 1963: It was decided to exfiltrate the AMLEO-3 family into the Uruguyan or Mexican embassy in Cuba as soon as possible, after Mrs. AMLEO-3 allegedly had a chance meeting with Fidel while at the beach and he refused to let her family emigrate.

104-10103-10362: WITHHELD

9/18/63: CIA feared that AMLEO-3 might redefect, which would be very damaging for the MHAPRON program and a psychological coup for Fidel. The plan was to use AMHALF-2 and a diplomatic vehicle to get AMLEO-3's family past Cuban military guards. It was thought that it would be better to use this method with AMCANOE-3 before trying it with AMLEO-3's family.

104-10113-10147: MEMO:CESAR DIOSDADO

9/1/67, memo from Helene Finan to C/LEOP: "During the interrogation of Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez, Cuban prisoner and alleged CIA agent, by members of LASO and the newsmen present in early August 1967 in Havana, Cuba, he advised that upon his arrival in the United States from Cuba he was met by a group of U.S. officials and that he knew the names of but two of these individuals, James McGarran (phonetic) aka "Joaquin" and one Diosdado (AMSWIRL-1). The latter was believed by Nunez to be a Mexican and a Immigration official in Key West also. When asked by the Cuban Security Officer if he meant Cesar Diosdado Nunez replied in the affirmative and added that Diosdado is supposedly the immigration official who really does the recruiting for the Central Intelligence Agency."


9/20/65: AMLEO-3 had been seeking a boat to bring his family out of Cuba - he checked in with AMSWIRL-1 and AMSHED-1 before his departure. He was captured inside Cuba. "The AMSHED-1, Adolis Cobo, WerBell group was expecting a second call from AMLEO-3". When it did not materialize, they contacted his wife Silvia..."AMLEO-3's sister said she plans to contact her uncle Emilio Nunez Portunado in Panama to ask him to use his influence with the Presidents of Panama and Mexico to request leniency for AMLEO-3 from AMTHUG-1 (Castro)."


1977 review by Chris Hopkins, LAD/JFK Task Force: The AMTRUNK operation's objective was to set off a coup d'etat conducted by internal military and civilian Cuban leaders to oust Castro and his allies from power. The operation appears to have been doomed from the beginning due to lack of compartmentalization and loose talk among its principals. AMLEO-3 was used to screen names for the AMTRUNK operation. When he flew back in 1965, he was given a 30 year sentence but released by 1967..."it appears that AMLEO-3 could have been providing Castro information on the AMTRUNK operation from its inception."

124-10283-10100: No Title

3/16/65 FBI memo on JURE: "The motor vessel VENUS of the JURE had arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Aboard was the Captain JOSE RABEL NUNEZ and a small crew of JURE members...Source stated that RABEL, Captain of the VENUS, is planning to resign from the JURE because of the indecision on the part of the JURE leader, MANUEL RAY RIVERO."

104-10113-10140: Francisco Avila Azcuy, Alberto L. Diaz, Jose R. Nunez, Vincent's Mygoyo, Jose Rodriguez, Pablo Roqueta

Memo from Cecil Tighe to Chief, Security Research Staff, Sept 5, 1967: Rabel was arrested with these five men for counter-revolutionary activities.

104-10092-10136: OPERATIONAL REPORT 1 AUGUST - 30 SEPTEMBER 1963

Several Rabel family members obtain visas to come to Mexico during the summer of 1963, including Dolores Rabel y Nunez.

1994.05.03.11:01:19:970005: Reel 13, Folder O - NUNEZ PORTUONDO EMILIO.

Dec. 1962: Rabel discusses his uncle Emilio Nunez Portunado, says he does not want to see him, describes him as "an opportunist of the worst sort."


11/21/63: Cable from SAS/MOB/FI to Mexico City: "Assume with departure c/o (case officer) and AMLEO-3, reference B, agreement between AMLEO-3 and Perez consummated."

104-10308-10061: AMLEO-3 DEBRIEFING

3/26/63 unsigned report: AMLEO-3 states that during April, 1962 housing construction in the Sierra Maestra and Escambray areas was halted in order to divert resources to containing counterrevolutionary activities. He predicted a many-factioned civil war if Castro was killed. Huber Matos is one leader who could spur great loyalty. Also see the neighboring document, 104-10308-10060: He opines that the black teams infiltrating Cuba are suicidal, because the block-by-block counter-surveillance in the communities is too effective. He cites Blas Roca as head of the Communist underground. He suggests recruiting within the navy or the rebel army rather than the militia. He cites 10 friends or so that he can work with: Conchita Fernandez and her husband; UN delegate Raul Primelles; REDACTED; engineer Roman Luis Mayor, Lt. Vasquez, army officer; Augusto and Jorge Arcos, brothers of Ambassador Gustavo Arcos. Of course, if AMLEO-3 was a double agent, much or all of this may be false.

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