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Cryptonym: AMLASH-3

Alberto Blanco Ramirez aka "El Loco" (The Crazy One)

104-10169-10227: Written list of Cryptonyms and Identities

A listing of CIA cryptonyms and corresponding identities that reveals the name of AMLASH-3 is Alberto Blanco. http://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/jfk/NARA-July2017/JFK-July_2017_Release-Formerly_released_in_part/104-10169-10227.pdf

104-10247-10119: MEMO: AMWHIP-1 MEETING, 14 JANUARY 1965, NEW YORK CITY

The document contains a review of AMLASH 3's loyalties to AMLASH 1 (Rolando Cubela) and offers "In discussing the loyalties of AMLASH 3 and the resultant security implications for the AMLASH operation, AMWHIP stated...that he was absolutely certain that AMLASH 3 would never intentionally reveal anything to anyone which would jeopardize AMLASH 1."


The document covers a discussion with AMLASH 3 regarding his future travel and job plans. He states if security work in Habana were not available, he would seek out AMLASH 1's assistance. He made no request to officials for financial or political resources but officials anticipated using him when he reached out again.

104-10216-10042: Dispatch: Henry S. Pachankis Debriefing of Angel Herrero Velez

1966: Roy Watlington, writing for Philip Elmard, describes El Loco, 201-759879: The son of a political leader under Prio. As a captain in the Rebel Army, was part of the unauthorized venture into Nicaragua in 1959 - leading to a year of prison time in Managua and then Havana. A friend of Cubela, he accepted a vague intelligence post to get into Spain in 1964, returned to Cubs and was arrested with Cubela.

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