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Cryptonym: AMLASH

Rolando Cubela Secades, a Cuban doctor and official who was recruited in 1963 for an assassination attempt on Castro. Suspicion remains that Cubela may have been acting as a dangle to the CIA by Castro; that is fueled by his lenient treatment after being exposed and convicted of treason.
This new document very useful in explaining AMLASH's escape from Cuba after killing Batista's intel officer and then returning to Cuba with Faure Chaumon (actual name Faure Chomon), William Morgan and others in 1958: http://ourhiddenhistory.org/jfk2017-files/JFK-July_2017_Release-Formerly_released_in_part-2of4/104-10216-10201.pdf Cubela stated that Castro had to be eliminated before any coup could succeed and had initially requested a high powered rifle from the CIA. The CIA balked at that and Cubela was being given a CIA poison pen on Nov 22 when news of JFK's death broke. Worth reading is George Crile III's Washington Post article: The Riddle of AMLASH - Was the CIA's Man in Havana a Double Agent?https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=100158&search=lowe_and+cubela#relPageId=40&tab=page

1994.04.25.13:51:29:440005: Reel 5, Folder I - UNIDAD REVOLUCIONIA (UR).

AMLASH's student group, the FEU, was in 1962 one of the 14 member groups within Jose de la Torriente's wing of the UR. Also see 104-10215-10363, an AMOT report which provides a deep biographical background on Cubela, revealing he and Faure Chaumont and others were among the first working against the Batista regime in 1952.


Circa 1962: Chrono created by CIA about Cubela: Among many items, it states: "(Havana Police Chief Efigenio Almeijeras) was friendly enough with Cubela to be one of the witnesses at Cubela's wedding in August 1959...(a memo to HENRY/probably Tony Sforza) We believe police aware Cubela desire to defect and departure plans...exercise extreme caution your involvement Cubela exfiltration...January 1962: An eminent physician (Dr. Armando de Cardenas y Aranguran) who arrived from Cuba as an exile told FBI that Cubela probably changed his mind about defecting because he was afraid that he would be incarcerated in an immigration detention camp..."


On 11/22/63, AMLASH met with Matthew Ontrich/Nestor Sanchez at Charlie Gray's apartment in Paris, France. He was going to leave for Prague days later, but had not confirmed his reservations. He agreed to contact "Bob Owen" when reservations confirmed. Robert Owen was also the man who reviewed Oswald's data when he was trying to return from the Soviet Union during 1961-1962. Was this the same Robert Owen active with the Reagan Administration and Iran-Contra? "(AMLASH) was pleased to read a copy of President Kennedy's November 18 speech in Miami and was even more pleased to hear that Mr. Clark (DAINOLD - Desmond FitzGerald) had helped prepare the President's speech...The individuals in whom AMLASH has the most confidence if a coup occurs are Cmdte. Efiginio Amajeiras Delgado, AMTRUNK-10, Jose Naranjo Morales, mayor of Havana, Naranjo's assistant Jose Assef. Once AMTHUG/Castro is removed, the ones who would support the coup are Cmdte Raul Diaz-Arguelles, Nieves brothers, Captain Fausto Lopez Miranda, Capt. Juan Nuiry Sanchez.


Undated memo, circa 1965, from WH/C/SP Harold Swenson to Chief, WHD for Cuba: "In 1962 Fidel Castro, reportedly knowing that they were plotting against him, talked to AMLASH-1 and seven members of his group to enlist their support against Anibal Escalante Dellunde and the communists in Cuba. Possibly they are playing both ends against the middle...we cannot rule out the possibility of provocation. Assassination, obviously, is a dangerous game, not merely to the plotters in a physical sense, but to a sponsoring government which may suffer severe political repercussions at home and abroad if its involvement is made known. In the instant case, the risks of exposure of the (US) hand would appear high, whether there is a provocation or not. Considering the individuals who are involved directly, their contacts with (CIA) officers, and their reported plan to expose (the US), persisting in the plan could be highly embarrassing to (CIA)."

Gus Russo, Live by the Sword (1993) pp. 243-247: http://www.maryferrell.org/search.html?q=%22Punta%20icacos%22%20AND%20artime

In the Brazilian-Cuban documentary ZR/RIFLE, Cuban agent Juan Felaifel claimed: "After the (Castro) Assassination...they were planning to start an uprising in the Escambray with the support of approximately 1000 mercenaries Artime had in Central America. They were planning to bring them through Punta Icacos, dividing the road and establishing there a beachhead in order to create a government supported and approved by the Organization of American States."

1994.05.16.14:12:04:280005: Reel 51, Folder I - ROLANDO CUBELA SECADES.

3/10/66, Castro letter to state prosecutor: The Castro government alleges that the Cubela attack of 1966 with Cubela's 7.62mm FAL rifle was to follow with an armed invasion 48 hours later by the US and the OAS. "This attack was to be carried out directly by Cubela Secades, Wizard Robreno, who would infiltrated from Miami, and by Blanco Ramirez, who after rigorous training would be infiltrated into Cuba from the Dominican Republic. Gonzalez Gallarreta's participation was mainly to act as liaison with Artime...Gonzales Gallarreta also received from Cuco Leon a can of explosive powder to sabotage ships being built for Cuba by Spanish shipyards." Cubela met with Guin/AMTRUNK-10 - he had been recruited by Miguel Diaz in 1963 - his job was to transmit economic and military information.

1994.05.16.14:15:16:250005: Reel 51, Folder J - ROLANDO CUBELA SECADES.

1/26/67: Dispatch continuation states: "Unknown if (Cubela) has been freed but as a prisoner was responsible for those rehabilitated on the Isle of Pines and has been seen there in a jeep without an escort. It is known that his father wants to leave Cuba."

Church Committee Interim Report, p.86: Church Committee: Interim Report - Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders


1993.08.07.09:05:30:340059: Washington Post, Cuba Charges CIA Plotted to Kill Castr

Circa 1978: At a public tribunal, Cubela stated that he only worked with the CIA between 1961 to his arrest in 1966. Any claim that he was a double agent "is completely false. A perfidious lie."

AR113: House Select Committee on Assassinations Final Report

Transcript of Fonzi-Escalante Interview, Part 1

Interview of Cuban intelligence chief Fabian Escalante by Gaeton Fonzi, 1996: "To me, Phillips was the key man. He belongs to the group of key men who were our major enemy...He goes back to the Cubela plot...both he and Morales...we don't have all the information about how they was related to it but we know they were related to it from the very beginning...Morales was also a key man...as were Howard Hunt and James McCord...they were key people involved in important plans...Trafficante was also involved."

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