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Cryptonym: AMLACE-1

Luis Bastian Pinto, Brazil's ambassador to Cuba.

104-10529-10257: Cable: Of Definite Interest, Providing Staff of Brasil Embassy Subjected to Systematic Vetting and Mechanics

Luis Bastian Pinto, Brazil's Ambassador to Cuba, is identified as 201-043739.

104-10308-10036: AMLACE 1 Response to Questions About Succession in the Event of Castro Death (29 SEPT 62)

Memo from REDACTED to C/TFW/FI, 9/29/62: AMLACE-1 is identified as 201-43739. Asked directly what would result if Fidel was killed, he states: "even the gusanos say it would be worthless to kill Fidel, the thing would go on. No one thinks Fidel's death would be useful to the counter-revolution."

202-10002-10023: Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

In the Taylor papers", 2/27/64, Richard Helms wrote Bastian was a friend of Gustavo de los Reyes. Held since 1959, de Liz Reyes was released on the condition that he act as Castro's messenger and tell the CIA that 20,000 political prisoners would be released if both the US and the Cuban exiles agreed to pledge not to invade Cuba. Upon his return. De los Reyes would initially only repeat this to Robert Kleberg, owner of the King Ranch in Cuba.

Bill Simpich

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