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Cryptonym: AMJAG-7

Max Lesnik, aka Max Lesnick, from 1965 on.

104-10173-10170: FOLDER ON MAX LESNICK

8/19/65 memo: "IDEN A told AMRAZZ-1 on 7 Aug 65 that AMJAG-7 (201-209258) had recently said that conflicting reports (nature and medium not specified) issued by (CIA) and (DIA) re Dominican crisis resulted in downgrading (CIA), and since crisis it rumored (not specified by whom) (ODBEAT, crypt for DIA) would be substituted any moment for (CIA) in handling (Cuba) problem. IDEN A added he sure AMJAG-3 employed by CIA and assumed he got info from his (CIA) contact. (WAVE comment: In both daily radio Russian program (IDEN B) and newspaper (IDEN C) he runs, IDEN A has consistently followed anti-(CIA) line set by AMBANG-1 including hints that (CIA) being eased out of (Cuban) ops. In meet with AMRAZZ-1, IDEN A presumably used AMJAG-7 name who highly respected (in) order (to) lend credence to rumor and threw AMJAG-7-(CIA) tie for more weight. AMJAG-7 considered very discreet, believed not known in the exile community as having any (CIA) ties..."

124-90152-10064: No Title

4/30/74 memo by officers R. J. Diaz and R. Gonzalez, Criminal Activist Unit in Dade County, Florida: "Continuing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the homicide of Jose E. de la Torriente which occurred on Wednesday, April 24, 1974 in Dade County, Florida...(C.I. TIS 0052) stated that many of the incidents which are occurring lately seem to be a repetition of the activities of Orlando Bosch and his associates circa 1968...(in a 1968 communique, "Ernesto" aka Bosch) denounced Dr. Enrique Huertas, Jose E. de la Torriente and Manuel Artime as being thieves, stealing from the Cuban exiles...according to the C.I. and federal sources, in 1972, Max Lesnik had a plan to kill Fidel Castro in Chile while Castro was visiting that country. Lesnik needed two men for his plan so he approached Diego Medina of Alpha 66 and asked him for two men. Medina produced Dominguez who had just gotten out of jail who wanted to do anything and Dominguez suggested Rodriguez, who was allegedly a fugitive at the time. Lesnik supplied Dominguez and Rodriguez with false press papers and made the necessary arrangements in Chile through Antonio Veciana. Veciana was a member of El Segundo Frente Nacional de la Escambray Alpha-66 and a very close associate of Lesnik. Lesnik told another source that Veciana is my right hand. Veciana is presently serving a long term sentence for distribution of narcotics...Given the background of Dominguez in prior attempts to assassinate political figures and his definite association with Bosch and Lesnik (who have been named by other sources as having been involved in the Torriente homicide 'behind the scenes') it is this writer's opinion that Dominguez should be looked at a suspect in the Torriente case."

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