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Cryptonym: AMIRE-1

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Emilio Americo Rodriguez.
One of the most closely guarded CIA cryptonyms and true names in the history of the case. The sources for the true name and the crypt are mutually reinforcing. The principal center RIF blocks for Rodriguez (10180; 10161, and 10215) also betray his identity in all of the documents. And, finally, the story behind this identification is buttressed by the parallel story of AMPARCH-1 (Warren E. Frank, AKA Edward D. Knapman) and AMRYE-1 (Tony Sforza, AKA Henry Sloman): All three men worked together in Havana, were exfiltrated at the same time, and then went to JMWAVE where they worked together. Used the psuedonym Peter J. Digerveno: See https://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147737&search=jmwave#relPageId=37&tab=page

(1) 104-10161-10341. 1/27/65 Biographical Data on Emilio Americo Rodriguez.

Although the name is redacted everywhere in the document, the redactor failed to redact it on the RIF sheet, effectively nullifying decades of effort to hide this name. His CIA security number, 214442, at the top of this document, links to hundreds of other documents where his name is redacted.

(2) 104-10161-10373. 6/20/60 CIA Report of Investigation approved by SAIC Dale B. Whiteside.

The redactor for this document failed to remove Emilio’s initials—E. A. R. They appear, along with Emilio’s CIA security number, in the “Case No.” field of the report.

(3) 104-10180-10132. 6/16/61 CIA MFR, RE: Initial Debriefing of [AMIRE-1].

This MFR is located in a stream of documents [in the 10180 center RIF block] that all belong to Emilio. This MFR discusses his work with Tony Sforza (AMRYE-1) in the CIA’s stay-behind net before and after the January 1961 the break in relations with Cuba.

(4) 104-10271-10246. 9/22/60 CIA Havana Station cable (6269) to DIR.

This cable mentions Francisco Pancho Varona’s (AMCONCERT-1) contact with Jack Stewart in Havana in 1958. It also mentions that AMCONCERT-1 was then passed to “AMIRE-1 under stay-behind planning.” This history of the person behind the AMIRE-1 crypt, especially the passing of AMCONCERT-1 from Jack Stewart to AMIRE-1, is born out in the next two source documents (104-10113-10074 and 104-10109-10162).

(5) 104-10113-10074. 6/11/69 Memo from Miami SAIC Charles W. Kane for Chief of Station Miami.

This memo explains that Francisco Pancho Varona’s Havana case officer at “about 1959” was Jack Stewart.

104-10109-10162. 6/18/69 Memo from Anthony R. Ponchay (Esterline), COS, WH/Miami to SAIC Kane.

This memo reveals that subsequent to being handled in Havana by Jack Stewart, Francisco Pancho Varona was handled by Frank Belsito and “Emilio Rodriguez.” When combined with HAVA 6269 (see above), this makes it certain the Emilio Americo Rodriguez’ CIA crypt was AMIRE-1.

(6) 104-10215-10235. 10/24/63 CIA Report on Weaknesses and Derogatory Information on Rolando Cubela (AMLASH-1).

Page 6 of this report discusses Henry Sloman’s (Tony Sforza) involvement in a CIA plan to exfiltrate Cubela from Cuba. It also notes that “AMIRE-1 advised that Rolando Cubela very probably will defect on OP ASTA.”

(7) 104-10103-10125. Memo by John D. Peters, WH/4/PM/OPS

This memo is a preliminary debrief report on AMPANIC-7 (Emilio Adolfo Rivero Caro, AKA “Brand”), whose CIA Havana contact was Emilio Rodriguez. The debrief states that “AMIRE-1” was known to AMPANIC-7 “as Emilio Rodriguez.” NB: Researchers who want to see this in the clear will need to put quote marks around the RIF number to pull up all versions of this RIF.

104-10513-10095: DISPATCH-ALIASES.

Almost illegible, but it indicates that Emilio used the alias Eugenio, that he worked with AMYUM-1 whose alias was "Ojeda", that he is linked with AMCONCERT-1 and AMBRONC-5. It is clear that he is the subject, which refers to his 201-274049 bio number.


This redacted Agency personal history statement form describes an unknown agent living in Cuba under a cover job and in the United States using a pseudonym with black hair and a ruddy complexion. When compared to a more recent declassified version of the same document it confirms this a personal history statement detailing some of Emilio Americo Rodriguez's biographic history. (Unredacted version: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/104-10129-10002.pdf)


"AMIRE-1 - 201-274049 - A Career Agent, AMIRE-1 died of natural causes in October or November 1968. The DCI sent a letter of condolence to his wife."

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