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Cryptonym: AMIFF-1

Unknown identity. AMIFF-1 was described in a CIA document in August of 1962 as an "airline executive" and was a contact of AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo).
Moreover, several months earlier, in April, 1962, AMIFF-1 reported that a member of the UR had entered Guantanamo Naval Base on 22 March 1962, and talked to Captain N. Yanochik, USMC, about the "preparation of a plan." Following this documents were sent to UR members Andres Zayas/AMSKIRLS-1 and Boris Miyares in United States, who in turn were to discuss the content of these documents with the U.S. Navy. In addition, AMIFF-1 and AMCLEVE-15 (Luis Posada Carriles) were included as sources for an Intelligence Information Cable in April, 1968. Furthermore, a PRQ Part II on CIFENCE-4 (Luis Posada Carriles), attached to a dispatch in March of 1972, stated that Posada's wife and AMOTEX-54 (formerly AMIFF-1) knew of C-4's present intelligence activities. This indicates that AMIFF-1/AMOTEX-54 was close to Posada.


CIA document: Page 30: ..."Manuel Viera Rodriguez (aka: Mario) entered YOACRE (Guantanamo Naval Base) in April 1962 but did not see Castellvi since Viera left on 20 April. While at YOACRE, Viera talked to a Capt. N. Yanochik, USMC, who promised him equipment for use in UR operations and Viera passed data on five maritime reception points to Yanochik. The equipment was promised for some time in May 1962....In April 1962 AMIFF-1 reported that a member of UR had entered YOACRE on 22 March 1962, talked to Yanochik about 'preparation of a plan,' following which documents were sent to UR members Andres Zayas and Boris Miyares in PBPRIME (U.S.), who were to discuss the content of these documents with ODOATH (U.S. Navy) (224)..." - - - Page 128: ..."224. WAVE/FI, AMOT-2/AMIFF-1, 4 April 1962, SECRET..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=155773&search=104-10166-10226#relPageId=128&tab=page


08/31/62: Transmittal of TDCS Information Report (Orig: REDACTION, Unit: TFW/Intel/Reports): "Based On: WAVE-7905 (IN-14407), UFG-1515, WAVE-7916 (IN-14497), WAVE-7886 (IN-14220), NP (AMIFF-1) (AMOT-2)..." Releasing Officer: A. C. Davies, C/TFW/Intel. - - - Pages 2-3: Field Information Report: "Source: Cuban businessman (B), from an airline executive (F) in touch with counterrevolutionary members in Cuba: 1. Counterrevolutionaries in Cuba have planned an uprising to take place between 30 August and 2 September 1962. The Frente Anticomunista de Liberacion (FAL) has joined the Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo (MRP) in this plan. Various members of the old constitutional army, the rebel army, and the national revolutionary militia will join in the uprising. United States press services will be asked to give full publicity to the uprising as soon as it starts. 2. It is possible that Fidel Castro has had to bring in foreign troops because of the conflicts which exist between the rebel army and the militia. Many members of the rebel army are disaffected and concerned about the arrival of Soviet-bloc troops. The only rebel army unit which can be considered fully in support of the government in Cuba is Division 50 of Oriente Province (B/F-4). This division has 5,000 men, but equipment for 10,000. 3. There are 300 men in Division 50 who will support the counterrevolutionaries, but since this is not sufficient, the counterrevolutionaries intend to publish the exact positions of elements of Division 50 so that these units may be attacked from the air. (CONTINUED BELOW).


08/31/62: Transmittal of TDCS Information Report (Orig: REDACTION, Unit: TFW/Intel/Reports): "Based On: WAVE-7905 (IN-14407), UFG-1515, WAVE-7916 (IN-14497), WAVE-7886 (IN-14220), NP (AMIFF-1) (AMOT-2)..." Releasing Officer: A. C. Davies, C/TFW/Intel. - - - Page 3: "4. Field Comment: The airline executive who reported the above information also reported that a general uprising in all of the provinces in Cuba was scheduled for 4:00 a.m. on 31 August 1962. The airline executive was told by national coordinators of the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) in Cuba that despite a request by the UR in exile that there be a delay in the date for such an uprising, the counterrevolutionary members in Cuba are of the opinion that because so many people are involved, it is not possible to delay the date, particularly in view of the tightening of security controls by the government of Cuba. (Headquarters Comment: An official (REDACTION) reported that a member of the UR in Cuba said on 30 August that it is impossible to avoid an uprising and even less possible for the UR to maintain control). 5. Field Comment: A bona fide popular uprising does not appear likely at this time. Investigation of the reports concerning the possible uprising leads to the conclusion that the information may not be accurate and that it may reflect G-2 deception or provocation..."


04/25/68: Transmittal of TDCS Information Report (Orig: Withheld), Unit: WH/3/V): "Based On: (REDACTION) 9453 (IN 97611) HVC-4762, N. P. (AMCLEVE-15), FC, Para 1 (AMIFF-1), Liaison: *" - - - Pages 55-57: Intelligence Information Cable: Country: Withheld. Subject: Involvement of the (REDACTION) in a Cuban exile plan to attack Cuba. "Source: (Large redaction)..."1. In February 1968, the (REDACTION) began an investigation of reports that (REDACTION) were procuring arms for a Cuban exile group (REDACTION) which planned to attack Cuba. Initial reports identified two Cubans involved in the case: (REDACTION) who arrived (REDACTION) as an exile from Cuba in 1959, and (REDACTION) who is a close friend of (REDACTION) and who took part in the Bay of Pigs invasion attempt. (Field Comment: An independent and untested source reported in November 1967 that (REDACTION) was then approaching (REDACTION) with requests for arms and boats to be used in an attempt against Cuba)..."

104-10178-10000: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

03/25/72: Dispatch from Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: CIFENCE-4: Request for Operational Approval (OA): Page 2 of Personal Record Questionnaire: Part II - Operational Information: ..."Section IV:...2. List other individuals (Agents, relatives, friends) who know of subject's present intelligence activities: Wife of CIFENCE-4; AMOTEX-54 (AMIFF-1)..."

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