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Cryptonym: AMHINT-28

Angel Alfredo Fontanills y Miguel

104-10074-10380: CABLE RE WAVE PLANS

9/5/61 memo from JMWAVE to Director: "WAVE plans start across board training AMHINT infils by 8 Sept as follows: AMHINT-26 (John Koch Gene)...Manuel del Valle Caral...AMHINT-27 Manuel Baro Esteva...Julio Jane Argudin...AMFAST-13 Vicente Vasquez Dominguez...AMHINT-28 Angel A. Fontanills y Miguel...Luis Cowan Fernandez...AMHINT-21, request POAs subjects A thru G and assignment AMHINT crypto upon completion training...(as matters progress) AMHINTs will require materiel support consisting agit/prop materials, small amounts demo and time devices, portable presses, commo equip, docs and funding..."

124-10284-10081: [No Title]

FBI Correlation summary for Manuel Artime: On 6/17/64, "Covert CIA representative, Miami, Florida, identified Angel Alfredo Fontanills y Miguel (105-129278) as being connected with Manuel Artime and the MRR."

Bill Simpich

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