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Cryptonym: AMHINT-1

Alberto Muller Quintana, also known as AMING-3. 201-286050.
Co-founder of the Directorio Revolucionario Estudantil, at the University of Havana, Muller was an early opponent of the Castro government. Expelled from the university, he fled the capital to organize armed opposition in the Sierra Maestra mountains. He was captured by Cuban security forces a few days after the Bay of Pigs invasion and served a 15 year term. After his release, he moved to Miami where he became a columnist for the Nuevo Herald newspaper. Muller's biographical file number 201-286050 is revealed in 104-10181-10337.


"By mid-year 1960, the steadily mounting resistance to Communist domination in student affairs erupted in violence at ceremonies held in honor of Soviet visitor MIKOYAN. The leader of this anti-Communist outbreak was (Identity A) and supported by (Idens B, C and D) broke up the ceremony, later fleeing to (US) as political exiles. In September 1960, these four exiles founded AMSPELL as the only genuine, representative student organization, fundamentally anti-Communist, having powerful religious roots in Catholic Action groups, and dedicated to the revolutionary overthrow of the Castro communist regime." On the last page, the identities of the four men are revealed as Alberto Muller Quintara, Manuel Salvat Roque, Miguel Garcia Armengol, and Ernesto Fernandez Perez. The first three men are also known as AMHINT 1, 2, and 3. Ernesto Fernandez escaped with Muller and Salvat to the USA in 1960. See http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=105712&relPageId=272&search=%22ernesto_fernandez%22


DIR 13627 of 11/6/1960 states: "Prop team assigned cryptos AMHINT 1,2,3,4. Idens follow."

104-10181-10347: CABLE: IDENS REF

The next cable of the same day, DIR 13628, lists the four identities. #1 is "Alberto Muller Quintana."

104-10103-10019: Files of Miami Station assets Reviewed for Requirements Levied in Connecton with JFK Assassination

Muller identified here as AMING-3.

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume III: Evolution of CIA's Anti-Castro Policies, 1959 - January 1961 Current Section: Part VII: The Question of Assassinations

"The only evidence that has been found that might have been related to an assassination attempt concerned an AMHINT request of 14 January 1961 for 'Silenciadores Rifles de Marilla Telescopia'. (A request for rifles with silencers and telescopic sights). This might have had to do with a DRE plan to assassinate the Soviet ambassador to Cuba rather than a plan to kill Castro. When the FOB in Miami heard about the plan to kill the Soviet official they "immediately sent...(word) to AMHINT-1 forbidding planned 'atentado' (assassination)."

1994.04.12.15:47:00:380005: Reel 26, Folder D - DRE.

4/15/61 memo from Chief, Washington office to Chief, Contact Division: "(There is) evidence of deep concern and discouragement in the Student Directory because of this lack of promised support. He cited the example of one Alberto Mueller, a Student Directory leader who had organized all of the cells of separate anti-Castro student activity in Havana under the Student Directory, thus ensuring concerted, guided action against the Castro regime. This same Mueller had then gone to Santiago to organize similar resistance groups among students and the farmers of the Sierra Maestra region, had accomplished this task as of December 1960, and was still sitting in Santiago awaiting the promised support from the United States which would allow their underground movement to go into action."


April 1961: States that Muller and about 80 were captured - five were released, apparently informants. Good description of Muller's capture and aftermath. 180-10142-10246, p. 3 states that the capture was due to CIA failure to support with materiel air drops, and that his capture was a severe setback to the DRE underground.

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