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Cryptonym: AMHINT

A branch of the DRE that conducted paramilitary and infiltration operations in Cuba. Their case officer was JMWAVE chief of operations David Morales.

105-10171-10042: Report of Independent DRE Infiltration Operation

5/31/62: This memo is all about infiltration by AMHINT.

104-10171-10041: Amspell Progress Report for August 1962

9/14/62 dispatch from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Zamka (David Morales) as "Dr. Meza" represents the AMHINTs. This group engages in paramilitary activity. The Miramar attack of 8/24/62 was an AMHINT raid. Zamka regularly meets with AMHINT-2; Bernabe Pena is his alternate; also meets occasionally with Jose Maria Lara U. Who has a direct liaison with Fletcher Knight (Richard Helms).

104-10215-10145: Dispatch: Termination of AMHINT-56

1968 memo: Stanley Zamka/David Morales was known to small boat operator AMHINT-56 as "Dr. Miranda".

104-10234-10312: Dispatch: Operation ZORRO

4/23/64 dispatch from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, WH/SA: "A four man team from the AMLILAC Group will emplace a 250 lb cache of weapons and ammunition in the vicinity of Playa el Morrillo, Pinar del Rio Province...this cache is for AMLASH-1." AMHINT-19 was one of the AMLILACs, one of the leaders was "Stanley Zamka as Dr. Miranda" (page 8 of 16 pages).

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume III: Evolution of CIA's Anti-Castro Policies, 1959 - January 1961 Current Section: Part VII: Assassination

"One of the principals of WH/4 (Richard Drain) recorded that on 24 February 1961 he 'asked Ed (Stanulis), David (Phillips), Ed (Hinkle), Bob (Moore) and Jake (Esterline) why not proceed with Operation AMHINT to set up a program of assassination?'...the author of that remark was Chief of Operations for Project JMATE...(there was) an AMHINT request of 14 January 1961 for 'Silenciadores Rifles de marilla telescopica' (a request for rifles with telescopic sights). This might have had to do with a DRE plan to assassinate the Soviet Ambassador to Cuba rather than a plan to kill Castro. When the FOB in Miami heard about the plan against the Soviet official they 'immediately sent...word to AMHINT-1 forbidding planned "atentado" (assassination).'"

104-10170-10012: AMSPELL STATUS

12/10/62 memo from Chief of Station, JMAVE to Chief, TFW: "At meeting with JMWAVE 16 November 1962...AMSPELL-53...(said) although AMSPELL had paramilitary operations in readiness, it would not undertake them until the outcome of Headquarters discussions was known..." At next page, memo adds that "JMWAVE-2164 reports information received from AMPALM-4 on possible issuance of a manifesto by AMSPELL to President KENNEDY demanding that he fulfill his "promises" on Cuba. This ultimatum is reportedly coupled with a threat that AMSPELL will "act" if its terms are not complied with."

Bill Simpich

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