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Cryptonym: AMGOSH-1

Contact of Margot Pena and Tony Varona, known under the alias of Frau Marsal Barbarossa Lorenzo.

180-10142-10305: [No Title]

1957: PRQ 2 reveals that "Varona was first introduced to James R. Palinger and Wallace Growery by a contact of Palinger's in May 1957. Has been under development ever since. Hand written note on side indicates Varona was in contact with station for at least 2 years before this thru Frau Masal (sp?)." Varona is classified as an indigenous field agent.


8/27/60 cable from Havana to Director. AMGOSH-1 is identified here as 201-282137. "Station has been in contact with AMGOSH-1 for about one year. During interim, A-1 has established clandestine group called Organizacion Insurreccional Democratica (OID) which he claims has 300 members. A-1, who appears (to) be militant type, is former Rebel Army officer who resigned Army January 1959. He claims OID has militant capabilities but he broke and OID has only limited funds. Under cover limitations imposed upon station, issue is drawn."

104-10226-10169: CABLE RE AMGOSH/1

6/16/61 cable from Ciudad Trujillo to Director: "Raynock (Henry Hecksher) has received letter from Rafael E. Sanchez (Handwritten note: Luis? See WAVE 6724) of 115 East Main Street, Palm Beach. It states that AMGOSH-1 (Frau Marsal Barbarossa Lorenzo) former Havana Station contact and reporting source, in asylum Ecuadorean embassy Havana..." AMGOSH-1 wants to enter US. Was group leader in UR and active source of military info. Marginalia states that he is "Frau Marsal Barbarossa Lorenzo".


8/29/61 cable from Guayaquil to Director: "(Margot) Pena arrived Gaya 23 August. AMGOSH-1 reports she was head of Sierra Maestra terrorist group in Bayamo during Castro revolution and last four months worked with MRR sabotage group. Pena reported willing and able reenter Cuba live black. Also reports received message from Fernando Aenlle, now in charge morals squad G-2 HAVA and mentioned Gaya 1829, who says he ready to do anything for underground. 2. Request permission contact Pena directly purpose debriefing detail re WHFM 12-61, her reports of underground fortifications in Sierra, possbilties underground contacts and HQs interest per DIR 45913. Base lacks faith ability AMGOSH-1 pursue sufficient detail. Advise if HQs desires further lines questioning. C/S Comment: *AMGOSH/1 reported 17 Aug word rcvd Margot Pena leaving HAVA for Curacao 21 August."

157-10014-10242: [No Title]

1975: Frank Sturgis admits to using the code name Barbarossa, as well as Federini and Samson.

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