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Cryptonym: AMGLAD-1

Ralph Diaz Hanscom, aka Rafael Diaz Hanscom. Planned to assassinate Fidel Castro on 3/27/61. Was captured with Humberto Sori Marin on 3/18/61 and executed during Bay of Pigs period.
Notice that Avance is described as "a leading Cuban daily (Zayas' paper): https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=146516&relPageId=458&search=avance Also, AMGLAD-1 meet with Donald Hogan (probably George Michael Kappes) at the latter's request at Sinclair Oil in New York, around about late 1960 - early 1961.


Undated CIA document: "The case officer of Havana Station was contacted on 14 December 1960 by Jose Alvarez Lopez, Carlos Manuel (Unintelligible), and Ralph Diaz Hanscom (AMGLAD-1) to discuss plans being made in Havana to form a coordinated movement to be known as Unidad Revolucionaria (UR). This movement was to be formed from all individual anti-Castro organizations then existing in Cuba. The original 'Act of Integration' was signed (with nom-de-guerre) by representatives of 16 separate organizations. In forwarding the above, Havana Station expressed the opinion that the UR deserved careful study, since a united front in Cuba might be helpful to overall planning to achieve a united and coordinated movement among the exile groups, which appeared to be deeply involved in their own caldron of politics. Ralph Diaz Hanscom, one of the three individuals contacting Havana Station as an MRR (Movimiento Recuperacion Revolucionaria) leader in Oriente Province. He advised the Station that he was flying to Miami on 25 December to contact Ray, Martin Elena, Sanchez Arango, Nino Diaz, and Varona, to attempt to obtain an agreement from the Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD) for coordination. WH/4/PA expressed interest in the new UR, and asked Miami to forward its evaluation and the results of Diaz Hanscom's talks. While in Miami, Alberto Fernandez Echevarria arranged to have Diaz Hanscom talk to Mr. Howard Hunt and to Mr. (REDACTION). Varona informed Miami Station (which advised Headquarters) that Diaz Hanscom was interested in establishing an overall internal Cuban command...Diaz Hanscom then went to New York to (unintelligible) to Sinclair Oil to arrange sabotage activities against Cuban oil industries. While there, he was contacted at Sinclair by Donald Hogan (who undoubtedly learned of his existence from Alberto Fernandez)..."


1/28/61 cable from WAVE to BELL: "AMGLAD-1 reports following principal members Unidad Revolucionaria intell net Cuba: Arturo Villar, Wilfredo Brito, Roberto Geddes, Luis Sanchez, REDACTED (not editor of Avance) Miguel Lopez, Patricio Suarez, Rodriguez Espada (FNU). AMGLAD-1 unable furnish maternal name and DOB (date of birth) at present. WAVE checking local (FBI). Request any derogatory HQS traces. Chief of station comment: POA granted Ralph Diaz Hanscom." Marginalia on front page says, "Lou see me." The "see me" phrase is a favorite saying of William Harvey. "Lou" may be a reference to CIA officer Lou de Santi.

Manuel Hevia Frasquieri, The Dirty War on Cuba, Bohemian Magazine, 6/15/11: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.fidelcastro.cu/en/node/37109&prev=search

declassified Cuban documents... (detail) new clandestine infiltrations by the coasts since the beginning of 1961. On February 27, from Miami, they infiltrated through the area of ​​Santa Cruz del Norte, in the province of Havana, agents Willian Patten Tabares and Julio Orias Finalés to organize the assassination attempt on Fidel. CIA agent Rafael Diaz (Hanscom) planned to blow up a bomb on March 27 in the meeting room of the National Institute of Savings and Housing, on the occasion of the possible visit of the main leader. Hanscom, along with the traitor Humberto Sorí Marín, worked by mandate of the CIA in western Cuba to reorganize other terrorist groups in a so-called Front of Revolutionary Unity and intensify urban terrorism. CIA agent Rogelio González Corso, head of the terrorist organization Movimiento de Recuperación Revolucionaria, organized another murder plan that would take place during an act of remembrance in front of the old Presidential Palace, to mark the anniversary of the strike on April 9, which Fidel allegedly should attend."


3/22/61 cable from WAVE to BELL: "Robert Geddes returned WAVE area 21 March reports meeting held night 18 March to finalize working agreement between MRR and Unidad Revolucionaria surprised by G-2 agents. AMGLAD-1 and AMRUNG-1 taken prisoner together with one Fernandez and several other persons unknown to Geddes. Sori Marin ran but was shot in hip about two blocks away...Geddes says many members MRR arrested but no other key members Unidad Revolucionaria arrested so far. AMGLAD-1 had trained substitute known as Jorge...Geddes feels only chance to free prisoners is buy their way out. Says already ascertained through intermediaries price for Sori Marin forty thousand pesos. Price for Ramon's wife who was taken prisoner at same time is five thousand. AMGLAD-1 had received money and additive packed in Crisco cans..."


6/14/61 memo from WH/4/CI to Chief, WH/4/PM: "This sets forth the background and arrest of (Robert) Geddes, as well as a chronology of the events leading up to it. It is the opinion of this Desk that a portion of the UR has been blown by the events in this case, but it cannot be determined to what extent...Ralph Diaz Hanscom - AMGLAD-1 - arrested 18 March...Arturo Villar ("Javier") - long-time friend of Geddes, asylee in Venezuelan Embassy..."Jorge", replaced AMGLAD-1 in UR...before any commitments are made in support of the UR, a more detailed plan of their proposed activities together with a list of individuals they intend to use (must) be submitted...every precaution should be taken to avoid picking up an already blown group."


5/8/62 cable from REDACTED, TFW/FI to WAVE, slugline GYROSE: "HQS has no record provision for compensation to wife AMGLAD-1 in case of death."

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