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Cryptonym: AMGAME-1

Unknown identity. A cable in February of 1969 stated that AMGAME-1 knew Roberto Rodriguez Llompart (AMETROPIA-1), and assessed the latter "as being a worthwhile target and possibly recruitable."
According to documents in January and February, 1972, AMGAME-1 had a 201 number of 201-816552.


10/04/71: Cable from Miami to Headquarters: Slugline RYBAT MHCURB MHCHAOS: REF: HEADQUARTERS 5365: "1. Re para 4 ref, Station has no objections to querying AMBEDEW-1. We plan forward photos of eight suspect DSE agents in Miami area for review by AMBEDEW-1. We are showing these to AMMUG-1 and AMCARD-1. These were shown to AMGAME-1, who could not identify. 2. Two points in ref are worthy of comment in that we are taking word of person like HYSAGE-1 in this matter. First, just because she called Cuban an 'illegal' does not necessarily mean that such is case. She might be saying this to throw us off or on other hand she might have been told this by Cubans. Thus, do not believe we can dismiss completely possibility that Cuban in question is diplomat. Secondly, question of scar should not be accepted as gospel, since it could be contrived mark or even subterfuge on part of HYSAGE-1. 3. Since traffic this matter now MHCHAOS, please advise if we can communicate laterally with (REDACTION) and (REDACTION) through this channel."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

Page 68: 01/07/72: Dispatch from COS, Withheld to COS, Mexico City (Info: Chief, Western Hemisphere Division): Subject: PBRUMEN/Nelson Quesada Rivero (201-836379): ..."2. Immediately upon the receipt of the Reference B photographs, the undersigned reviewed with AMMUG-1 the one of Nelson Quesada Rivero with negative results. AMGAME-1, however, did recognize the name of Quesada and identified him as being AMSTAFF. Needless to say, we will show AMGAME-1 the photograph of Subject at the earliest opportunity to determine how well he knows him and if warranted, will debrief him in detail on Subject. 3. The Reference B photograph of Subject will be reviewed with the other AMSTAFF/AMQUAKE assets residing in the JMCOBRA area and we will promptly inform you of the results." 201-749651, 201-816552, 201-836379.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

Page 65: 01/10/72: Memorandum from COS, Withheld to COS, Mexico City (Info: Chief, Western Hemisphere Division): Subject: PBRUMEN/Fernando Otero Espino (201-824860): "AMMUG-1 did not recognize the photograph of Fernando Otero Espino which was forwarded by Reference. The photograph will be shown to AMDAUB-1, (Unintelligible), AMGAME-1 and AMCARD-1 at the first opportunity." 201-749651, 201-824860.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

Page 63: 01/21/72: Memorandum from COS, Withheld to COS, Mexico City (Info: Chief, Western Hemisphere Division): Subject: TYPIC/Fernando Otero Espino (201-824860): "1. While AMGAME-1 immediately recognized the photograph of Subject which was forwarded in Reference, AMCARD-1, AMDAUB-1 and AMMUG-1 did not. We will review the photograph with (Unintelligible) and advise any positive results. 2. Forwarded herewith is a debriefing report from AMGAME-1 on Subject. If after reviewing this report, Mexico City has any additional requirements for AMGAME-1, we will be glad to service them." 201-831373, 201-802332, 201-749651, 201-816552, 201-824860 (difficult type to read).

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

Page 62: 02/15/72: Cable: Slugline AKULE TYPIC AMETROPIA: "1. Appreciate ref info on Roberto Rodriguez Llompart. Believe, however, that your priority targets rightfully take precedence over this rather elusive one and suggest that we stand down on any effort to position AMMUG-1 for possible contact. This, until such time that Rodriguez is PCS or in a TDY status long enough to permit an orderly approach. 2. FYI: AMGAME-1 who knows Rodriguez, assesses him as being a worthwhile target and possibly recruitable. 3. File: 201-865547, 201-816552, 201-749651."

Gavin McDonald

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