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Cryptonym: AMGABE-1

Julio Gaspar Hubert Rico. Among a small group of agents supposedly asked to determine if pro-Castro Cubans or anti-Castro Cubans were involved in the killing of JFK.

104-10227-10403: Report Cover Sheet

4/18/63: JMWAVE officer Gordon Hawlott states that AMGABE-1 was briefed by Jose Alvarez Diaz, Abel Mestre (AMCORE-1) and Jaime Pons Domenech. Alvarez was tutoring AMGABE-1.

104-10423-10226: Memo: 1963-1964 Miami Station Action to Aid USG Investigation of the Murder of John F. Kennedy

3/22/77 Memo for the Record by REDACTED: said that AMGABE-1 and AMPAN-22 were given requirements re the JFK murder. The officer said that he also turned to AMBLEAK-1 and AMING-3 for assistance in this regard.

104-10103-10019: Files of Miami Station Assets Reviewed for Requirements Levied in Connection with JFK Assassination

5/17/77: The LAD/JFK Task Force reviewed the personality files of REDACTED's assets in Miami and saw no sign that any of them had been levied any requirements re the killing of JFK. Julio Gaspar Hubert Rico is identified as AMGABE-1. 201-328948. Armando Farias and others did seek out Hubert during Feb. 1964 for support for a plan to assassinate ambassador Carlos Lechuga.

Bill Simpich

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